This fall, forget the traditional UGG boot, and opt for something more primitive - The Moccasin!! I love these shoes! They can be worn with skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, alone with shorts or a skirt. They go with everything!! The best part is, they look worn and comfy and they really are!! Love the knotted yearn top and the leather sole! I found the Moccasins pictured above on and they retail for $89!! A great shoe of choice for this Fall's most unkempt look!
Jessica Alba is a modern mama who's style I admire. I especially like this green blazer she sported earlier this year. You can get the look too, at a price point you can afford!
One Look, Two Prices; inspired by Jessica Alba

One way to beat the heat and still look stylish is to incorporate a sleeveless blouse into your wardrobe. The beauty of this top is that it can easily be layered under a jacket without alot of bulk and fabric. Also when you go without a jacket it still comes off as classy enough and not too casual.
The Sleeveless Blouse from Low to High

I have just started out as a Stella & Dot Stylist. And at the Trunk Shows I have had I noticed that while most people are in love with all the bold statement necklaces the first thing I hear (after wow I love this) is “How do I wear it?”
A by product of being big, bold and sometimes colourful, the statement necklace can come off as being intimidating to style. 
Pictures via Pinterest (,,

Realistically a statement necklace can just be thrown on, just like anything else. But if you are looking to put a bit more thought into it 
here are some tips:

1. Keep your top, blouse or dress simple. A colourful statement necklace is almost like a pattern all its own. The most sure-fire way to have your necklace pop is to pair it with a plain white tee or blouse. 

2  Statement necklaces made of metals or crystals are more neutral (the colours aren’t going to clash with anything) so you can pair them with prints, stripes, or try a tone on tone look. 

3.  Keep the neckline of your top or dress unadorned. That means no lattice work, beading or details that might already be mistaken for a statement necklace.

4.  Just like mixing prints, you can wear a bold necklace with a bold top. If you are wearing colourful beads or semiprecious stones, pick a necklace that is made of colours that are already seen in the print. 
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I remember my Mother & Grandmother's nails as I was growing up. They were always kept long, pointed and painted. I on the other hand have mostly kept my nails shorter, rounded and usually clean of polish. What I have never liked about nail polish is the up keep. Chipped nails are unsightly and I could never keep myself from picking at it once my nails did chip. 

But I have found as I have gotten older I have fallen for doing my nails more often. And the new nail art trends make doing your nails even more fun. 

Still with two kids most of the nail art that I adore is too time consuming. Don't even get me started on how long it takes to dry a decent coat of glitter polish. One nail trend that I have been testing out is playing with multicoloured nails. Try doing your hand mostly in one colour but one nail on each hand in a contrasting colour. Or try going from light to dark in the same colour pallet. 

Multicoloured nails are also fun for little girls. My daughter loves getting her fingers painted and the more colours the better. 
Photo's Via Pinterest

I am one of those people who wears sunglasses all the time. I wear then every time I go outside and unless it is super gloomy I am wearing shades. And so I have multiple pairs that I change up with my outfit, with my mood and with the seasons. One style that I would love to get this next time is an oversized cat eye pair a la Nicole Ritchie's House of Harlow. But the pair that I wear the most are my Aviators. One thing we do at our house is get out sunglasses filled with our perscription lenses. Not only is this easier on our eyes when we are driving but easier on our wallets too. It means we can afford expensive styles while covered by our health plan. Still that doesn't discourage me from picking up some trendier styles that I am more likely to tire of quickly for cheap. I save my big spending for classic frames. What shades are you rocking for summer?
summer shades I want to wear


It is unseasonably warm in Canada this year, but I am loving the temperate temperatures we are enjoying right now. It does mean that I am wearing shorts and skirts already this year as the temperatures hit 20+ degrees regularly. This has me thinking about my perfect trasnition weather wardrobe as we move to the warmer Spring months and into Summer. Personally I like a mid to longish short as the days of me wearing short shorts are long over. I am liking the resurgence of the jean short and might have to get my hands on a pair or DIY an old pair of denim. In these later Spring months I like to layer. Pair 3/4 length sleeved blouses and tops with shorts or bring a nautical striped sweater along for a warmer layer. A cute sandal is a must. For shorts I am all about these flat styles. Every year I think about the perfect hat to get me through the hottest parts of the day. LOVE this panama style. And of course a great pair of shades. I keep accessories minimal as they are just an extra layer!! How do you style for the Spring Summer transition?
Spring to Summer


Vogue France's Editor in Chief Emmanuelle Alt has amazing style that fashionista's and mom's alike can copy with ease. Many of her looks are fairly monochomatic and involve easy pieces like tees or chambray blouses paired with a skinny pant and heels. What makes these looks super chic is pairing them with well fitting tailored blazers to finish the ensemble. Get the look for yourself!
get the look: Emmanuelle Alt


Peplum is one of those trends that you are seeing everywhere these days. But it's one that I would want to know that I could get multiple looks out of before I invested. Personally I like the look of peplum tops better than say a peplum skirt and I think it is a much more versitle way to play with the trend. Here is one peplum top and two different looks. While both are still feminine, one is more casual while one is more office appropriate.
one top, two looks


One trend I have promised I would try out this year, even if it is only in the change room, is the maxi dress. I have always steared clear of them due to my petite stature but I have seen other petite fashion bloggers pull them off so I thought I could give them a try. These dresses defintely have me daydreaming of warmer weather.
maxxed out

AX Paris striped maxi dress
£30 -

AX Paris cotton maxi dress
£25 -

Jane Norman party dress
£65 -

Designers Remix jersey dress
€120 -