BEST ORGANIC Vitamin C Serum For Your Face. Botanical 20% Vitamin C + E + Hyaluronic Acid Serum. Anti Aging Serum Moisturizer with Natural Ingredients. + Organic Aloe + Amino Blend, Anti Wrinkle Serum Facial Skin Care, Helps Repair Sun Damage, Gradually Fades Sun & Age Spots & Reduces Fine Lines.

Like most people, I am willing to try anything once when it comes to my face and anti-aging products. I am really picky in terms of scent and touch when it comes to them though, so on first impression most of the time I am either sold or turned off from the product. 

When I received the opportunity to try out this serum, I was skeptical that it was simply water in a bottle sold for a price that would make anyone believe it works. I have to admit- I was wrong. I am not sure what exactly I love about it, but I know that since using this product my skin is noticeably softer to the touch, my pores are minimized and it has added a tightness to my face that I have longed for, for quite some time now.

I don't go a day without using this serum and I have now started using it as my moisturizer too. My summer skin looks and feels wonderful without any scents, or strange textures to cover up the already existing skin. I think the added vitamin C has really made a difference in my skin's glow too. Great product! 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
If you are anything like me you have already decorated the house, picked out the costumes and even indulged in a treat or two. Yes, it is one of my most favorite holidays of the season, HALLOWEEN!! Most years, we carve our pumpkin the night before Halloween but this year Glad put us to the test with their Gruesome Challenge!
My children love a good challenge so we agreed  to try out Glad Easy-Tie Compostable Bags with Odour Guard for this challenge and compare them to a regular bag to see if they could withstand the incredible stench most pumpkin carving guts leave behind. The Glad Compostable Bags are available with Febreze (LOVE) freshness too...bonus!! Yes, like most mommy's I am a little obsessed with a nice smelling home and it isn't easy to do when time is of the essence. The bags are thin and fit perfectly in our recycling food bin, plus they were surprisingly durable enough to hold all the pumpkin guck.
Once our pumpkin was carved and all the inner parts of the pumpkin were placed into corresponding bags...the real challenge began. I promised not to open the lids of the containers until the 3rd day of the challenge and I am glad that I did. The regular bag was moldy and really foul smelling - so much so that I had to close the lid right away because the smell was unbearable! The Glad bag held pretty strong in terms of smell...yes it did really smell like rotting pumpkin but the tiny hint of Febreze really diluted the smell so that I could hold it open a little longer. I noticed that the Glad bag had a lot of condensation and it looked as if the remaining pumpkin was breaking down to a liquid form.
We loved participating in this experiment because the kids were so happy to watch the remains of the pumpkin decompose and it was a great way to teach them about what happens when we throw food out. I would highly recommend these bags to suppress smells and speed up the decomposition process! 
Although I have 2 boys, I am excited to report that the are mesmerized by Disney's Sofia the First. So when I was given the opportunity to review her latest DVD release, I jumped at the chance! Sofia is probably (in my opinion) the most relate-able princess in the Disney crew. She is smart, sweet and most of all she's younger than the average princess, which makes her an instant hit with the 3-7 year old age group. 

GREAT NEWS for all you Sofia fans!! If your little ones are anything like mine, they will LOVE the enchanting music, the segments, and the talking animals in Sofia's latest DVD release coming to stores September 17th (today)!!

“Sofia the First” is set in the storybook world of Enchancia and tells the story of Princess Sofia, an adventurous little girl who is learning how to adjust to royal life after her mom marries the king and she becomes a princess overnight.  Sofia quickly discovers that looking like a princess isn’t all that difficult, but possessing the characteristics of a true princess –  honesty, loyalty, courage, independence, compassion and grace – is what makes one truly royal.   For more details, visit SOFIA

This package includes:

1- “A Royal Mess”
2- “The Shy Princess”
3 – “Blue Ribbon Bunny
4 – “The Princess Test”
5 – “Two To Tangu” (Jasmine Episode)

Run Time:  Approx. 110-minutes

Also included is this adorable paper doll dress up kit!! The kids loved this!

This past weekend, we were fortunate enough to be among the first to review Disney's Super Buddies in our home. The film was released August 27th officially however, we had the pleasure to watch earlier than most, thanks to Disney. (YAY)

Let me start off by saying that The Buddies have been a long-time favorite in our home, so I instantly knew my boys would love this film just as much as the others...what I didn't know was that they would love it the most!! This is by far my children's favorite film done by these adventurous pups! 

About the film:
Watch the fur fly as a new breed of super hero is born in Disney's fun-filled epic adventure. An ordinary day at Fernfield Farms turns extraordinary when Budderball, Mudbud, B-Dawg, Buddha and Rosebud discover mysterious rings that grant them each a unique super power. Before you can say, "Buddies, assemble," the pups unleash their amazing abilities and race to the rescue when a shape-shifting bully from outer space threatens the planet. But can they succeed in kicking major tail without revealing their new secret identities?

My most favorite thing about all these films is the underlying message that they give to our children, the message of togetherness, friendship and unstoppable love. My kids (ages 4 and 6), my husband and myself all equally agreed that this film is funny, adventurous and full of friendship. An all around family film that anyone of any age would enjoy! I have a feeling these adorable pups are not going to quit yet...so many great adventures await!

Sit down, grab some popcorn and enjoy this family film!
Whether you are sitting all day, walking or standing, the fact is our feet take a toll. I am the type of person who NEVER sits, I am always in constant motion without a pause to ever breathe, my feet are often tired and achy at the end of the day because of this. I have come to realize that my feet have become my source of happiness too, because when they are achy my whole body is achy too!!

So what's a girl to do with all these aches and pains, working, taking care of 2 active kids, and running errands all day long to relieve some of this pain and discomfort?

I recently discovered REVITIVE LV (thanks to Twitter) and it has worked wonders on me! Because of its compact design,  I have managed to store my REVITIVE LV under my sofa and every night when the kids go to sleep, I plug it in and let it do its magic for 30 minutes. At first I thought 30 minutes was a long time, but honestly, 30 minutes is a great break after a long day to get you refreshed and ready for the next. Besides, most nights I either watch a show or sit working on the computer anyway and with the REVITIVE LV I can now do that comfortably. 
  • Reduce tired aching feet and legs after a long day
  • Reduce puffy ankles and feet
  • Tone lower legs
  • Reduce discomfort
My husband often jokes that I have my own foot masseuse and hates that it is pink in color because I have claimed it as my own, and I really love that it is specially designed for women since we are often the ones who suffer but never really complain...am I right ladies?

The manufacturer describes it as "designed for those who, after a long day, experience mild swollen ankles and feet as well as tired aching legs and feet." So far, after 3 weeks of usage I can say honestly that it does help relieve some of the pain. The tiny pulses of electrical stimulation feels funny at first, but as time goes on it really does feel like it is activating the muscles your feet and legs-- amazing! 


($199 + Value)
Ever since Cookie and Neigh were little I have been searching for a good natural product to clean my home with.  I have tried many different solutions and continue to make solutions that I feel my family can benefit from. When I was approached by effeclean to review their Eco Baby hardwood floor and bathroom cleaner I jumped at the chance, simply to see if it measured up with my ideals of what a 'good' environmentally cleaner should be.

Now, I don't have babies anymore, but I really think that the unique line of non-toxic cleaners works best for anyone with children, pets or allergies. The hardwood floor cleaner was my first product that I tested, simply because I have A LOT of hardwood floor in my home. I was really surprised actually, that it came in a spray bottle until I remembered that children have 'accidents' a lot and what better way then to have a cleaner accessible at ALL times? Smart.

How did it work?.....at first the smell was so minute that I thought it wasn't working much, until I went around and sprayed the entire surface. It left my floor shiny, and clean without a residue or thick film! I love it! I also use it daily on my wood table, but before you do so I would recommend you test a piece first.

The toughest thing for me is bathroom cleaning, because NOTHING ever works to get that soap scum out, smell or leaves my tiles shiny. I really find it hard to keep all 4 of my bathrooms clean without actually using chemicals. So here's how the effeclean bathroom cleaner worked. I sprayed the entire bathroom surfaces with the product, walked away for 10 minutes then came back to wipe down (typical of my routine). I have to say they scored pretty high for performance on this one. My bathroom was shiny, and clean without smelling like an overly perfumed old lady -just a hint of citrus. I also found that my glass showers were left shiny and clean, as if I used a specific glass cleaner. This cleaner does everything in a bathroom but the toilet scrubbing!! 

Overall, I wish I had known about these eco-friendly alternatives when I had small babies. I really trust that effeclean is manufacturing products that keep our home clean and safe. 


Fore more: www.effeclean.com

I received 2 bottles  of effeclean products in exchange for my opinion. All opinions are my own. 
As you know, my new favorite thing is buying organic foods for my family. I have been on the search for some time now to find a home delivery service that I love and was contacted by Donate Naturally to try out their service in exchange for my honest opinion on the blog. To start off, I really love that Donate Naturally gives back 15% of each and every purchase is donated by them to the charity of your choice. This was a HUGE bonus to this amazing service. My box consisted of all the contents you see above, as that is a photo I took as soon as I received the delivery.

A few very important things to note (in my opinion) are that the milk comes in a GLASS bottle, and is packed with an ice pack to ensure freshness. To me, this meant a world of a difference, as I do not know if I will always be home upon delivery. I also LOVE that the delivery comes in a plastic reusable container that is not only functional but professional too. 
I decided to review the weekly staples bin that has eggs, milk and bread--everything you will need to get you through a basic week, PLUS a fruit and veggie bin! This order was enough to last my family 2 weeks! As you can see my order consisted of organic chocolate milk and yummy lemon poppy-seed cookies, both of which were devoured by the next morning by these hungry munchkins!
Overall, I really loved the extra personal touches that Donate Naturally gives to its clients. I really adore that they give back and are reliable with a HUGE selection of organic products. Did I mention FREE next day delivery Canada Wide too? How amazing is that...I know I love it!

For more information about the  Weekly Staples Bin as well as all other bin options check out Donate Naturally today!
My little munchkins are HUGE fans of the first A Turtle's Tale Movie so I couldn't wait for them to watch this one! Rarely do they ever like animated movies, but this one was a favorite for some time now so I thought why not try the second one to see if it had the same effect on them. I think this may be a winner in our home along with the first one for years to come! 


When Sammy & Ray find themselves trapped in The Tank, an underwater restaurant/aquarium, they must hatch a plan to escape and reunite with their grandkids Ricky & Ella.  But they’ll have to get past Big D and his dopey thugs first.  With the help of some unlikely friends, Sammy & Ray find that when you work together anything is possible!
Last week, we invited my best friend and her 2 daughters over for a fun filled movie matinee with my boys for a special screening of 'A Turtle's Tale 2' in our family room. The kids were super-excited and decorated accordingly, we had pizza, munchies, a ticket booth and air mattresses to give the whole movie theme an even greater appeal! --I did this to give mommy 30 minutes of rest while the kids decorated ;) I love having the kids get involved with whatever we are doing so that they too feel a sense of accomplishment. 
What We Thought:
For the most part, the kids LOVED this movie just as much as the first. I have to say thought that their focus was a little distracted by all the hype of having an event this 'grand' at home, so towards the end they got a little antsy. Overall we had great times of laughter, and sorrow with a lot of adventure!

For my kids, the environmental focus and the family focus are what hit home the most. Yes, there are a few 'scary' parts, but nothing too scary for even our youngest watcher. I love that these parts were overshadowed by the uplifting and heart warming parts in the movie though. The timeline and events were very exciting overall, I found that the movie kept adults and kids equally on the edge of their seats.  Enough to keep children aged 3-6 entertained for almost the entire film!!  As a mom, I really appreciated the humor, real-life stories,and animation of the movie. The characters make you fall in love with them instantly and the colors keep you captivated.

I strongly suggest that you sit down with your entire family to watch this film, it is great fun for people of all ages! I think I may actually host another one of these screening matinees at our house, because it was amazing to see the children bond, interact and talk about the film too! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

A Turtle’s Tale 2 – Sammy Escapes From ParadiseDVD release date: July 9, 2013

Disclosure: I am participating in A Turtle’s Tale 2 – Sammy Escapes From Paradise Blogger Campaign by Mom Central Canada. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own.
Summer's here in full swing, and no summer is complete without the savory tastes of BBQ!! I have to admit though, I am usually a paprika and garlic kinda girl when it comes to the grill, but when I was asked to review the Cattle Boyz seasoning and sauce line, I couldn't pass up on the offer!  

CattleBoyZ BBQ sauces use only the finest all-natural ingredients to create a sweet, tangy barbeque sauce with a spicy kick. All of our sauces and seasonings are Gluten Free. Our 25 time International award winning barbeque sauces are perfect as a marinade, BBQ rub, or barbeque glaze for steaks, beef, pork, ribs, chicken and seafood. CattleBoyZ tastes great on vegetables too and our BBQ sauces do not contain additives. Our satisfied customers say it best: the magical mix of flavor, texture, heat, and versatility will keep you coming back for more of the Best BBQ sauce in the World – CattleBoyZ.

My very first attempt at a grilled meal was simple a simple steak, garlic bread and veggie meal. I used the Big Country Garlic Seasoning by simply dusting it on some bread, sprinkling with cheese and heating. This was my kids favorite, as they love both cheese and garlic to begin with,but this made it so much more  tasty and so easy too! The meat was made with the Gourmet Seasoning and was equally delicious! I love that this seasoning mix can be used on meat, fish, and veggies as it is the perfect blend of simple seasonings without being too hot or too tasty! Lastly, (My Fave) I coated my veggies in the Cattle Boyz Original BBQ Sauce and WOW, did I ever thoroughly enjoy them!! This sauce is now a staple in our home, by far one of the best sauces I have tasted to date---makes you want more and more!
I really love that all the Cattle Boyz products can be used alone or combined with each other, the flavors are all delicious and since this meal, I have managed to use these sauces, rubs and seasonings on a number of dishes that all equally taste great! I guess those Canadian's really know a thing or two about BBQ, since this line was originally brewed by a former Alberta cattle ranching family. I love that you can purchase everything from their online store too! Makes life a little easier for a busy family on the go such as ours! Mouthwatering goodness!! I highly recommend these products to anyone! 
 Taste the Goodness for Yourself! One Lucky Reader Will WIN a 
Cattle Boyz Starter Kit PLUS 2 Hats and 3 Tees!! 
Follow this link to enter: Contest
Disclosure: I received the products from Cattle Boyz as samples in the mail for reviewing purposes, All thoughts of those products are my honest opinions.
Let me introduce you to the NuNAAT Karite collection! I am so happy to have had the opportunity to try out this entire collection because, slowly I have fallen in love with it. 

I have naturally really dry and dull hair that gets limp quickly, so I normally do not change products easily. Here's where the Karite collection changed me. This collection works so well together, I couldn't imagine using one of the products without the other.

Here's some info on the products:
  • Packed with vitamin A, D, E and F.
  • Protects hair from harmful sun damage -BONUS
  • No oily buildup or greasy residue.
  • No clogged pores!!
  • Rehydrates, restores and revitalizes dry, damaged and brittle hair.
  • Restores natural brilliance to chemically-processed hair.
  • Protects hair from damage caused by daily flat iron use.

The shampoo and conditioner bottles seemed 'small' to me at first, but then I discovered that 2 pea sized squirts go a long way of each product. I really love the way it makes my hair feel and the smell is fabulous. When combined with the leave-in detangler, combing my long hair is now easy!

I also really loved the Anti-frizz thermo active Karite Special cream too! After getting a really bad dye job on my hair this worked wonders! The more you blow dry/iron the better it works to make your hair shiny and less frizzy. PLUS with all the recent heat we've been having this Summer, I am grateful for this product!! Since receiving these products I have managed to use the hair mask once....and WOW this was awesome! Let's face it, as a busy mama I often have little (or no) time for myself, so this was a huge treat! After using it, I felt like I had spent the entire day at the salon. 

If you are looking for a complete 'Hair System' this Summer the NuNAAT Karite system is amazing!

More: www.nunaat.com

Disclosure: I received the products from nuNAAT free of charge for review purposes. All opinions are my own.