I am one of those people who wears sunglasses all the time. I wear then every time I go outside and unless it is super gloomy I am wearing shades. And so I have multiple pairs that I change up with my outfit, with my mood and with the seasons. One style that I would love to get this next time is an oversized cat eye pair a la Nicole Ritchie's House of Harlow. But the pair that I wear the most are my Aviators. One thing we do at our house is get out sunglasses filled with our perscription lenses. Not only is this easier on our eyes when we are driving but easier on our wallets too. It means we can afford expensive styles while covered by our health plan. Still that doesn't discourage me from picking up some trendier styles that I am more likely to tire of quickly for cheap. I save my big spending for classic frames. What shades are you rocking for summer?
summer shades I want to wear



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