It is unseasonably warm in Canada this year, but I am loving the temperate temperatures we are enjoying right now. It does mean that I am wearing shorts and skirts already this year as the temperatures hit 20+ degrees regularly. This has me thinking about my perfect trasnition weather wardrobe as we move to the warmer Spring months and into Summer. Personally I like a mid to longish short as the days of me wearing short shorts are long over. I am liking the resurgence of the jean short and might have to get my hands on a pair or DIY an old pair of denim. In these later Spring months I like to layer. Pair 3/4 length sleeved blouses and tops with shorts or bring a nautical striped sweater along for a warmer layer. A cute sandal is a must. For shorts I am all about these flat styles. Every year I think about the perfect hat to get me through the hottest parts of the day. LOVE this panama style. And of course a great pair of shades. I keep accessories minimal as they are just an extra layer!! How do you style for the Spring Summer transition?
Spring to Summer