I don’t know what it is about spring but it makes me want to wear every colour of the rainbow. But I remember when I first wrote a post about wearing print and how many people were afraid of colour let alone bold prints.

The easiest way to ease into adding colour into your wardrobe is to add it in small doses by adding just a pop of colour.

The key to adding a pop of colour is super simple.

Put on an outfit you would normally wear. Then switch out one neutral item in your outfit, like your shoes or bag for one with a bright colour. The pop of colour only works if you keep the majority of the outfit in a neutral pallet allowing the one, small item of colour to really stand out.

Accessories are the easiest place to start. They are also the smallest items so they won’t be overwhelmingly colourful. In fact pop of colour often refers to a simple black suit with brightly coloured shoes, but the colour can be delivered in any number of different ways.

If you are wearing a suit or jeans and a neutral jacket like a classic trench or navy blazer you can add a blouse with a bright colour and it will be subtle I promise. Because the blouse is underneath the jacket you really only catch a glimpse of the blouse which subdues a bold colour from being too loud.

If you are looking to add more colour, to keep the pop effect keep one item a bold colour and any other colour you add may it be in a scarf or blouse in the same colour family, just a different shade or tone but softer than the pop item. This way you maintain the one item that really stands out and any other coloured items compliment the bold colour pop. Don’t go for more than two items of colour (one bold one soft) or you will lose the pop effect and will simply be wearing lots of colour.

Once you have mastered a pop of colour you can graduate onto colour blocking and pattern mixing! Both are easier than they sound.

Mom of two, part time CA, Jane is the owner and blogger at torontoShopoholic.com, one shopaholic’s guide to shopping in Toronto. She also shares her personal style musings on her blog