Dale Alleyne-Ho (Hons.) R.E.C.E, CCBE, LE
Author /"The Ultimate Guide to Labour & Birth"
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Just one of the many stressors most of us parents seem to face today more than ever is our children’s academic status, regardless of age;  from kindergarten through university, and most often than not we instinctively compare our own children’s achievements to that of others and in our eyes they often fall short.  

“Melissa’s in grade one and reading at a grade three level, why isn’t our little one doing the same thing?”  Simply put, because your little one is not Melissa.  Forget about all the comparables for a moment.

“Praise your child’s every effort and achievements…give them the encouragement to move forward.”
Shift your focus to building on your child’s individual and very unique strengths. These are the areas where they will feel, see and taste success the most and it is this success that will in turn build the confidence they need to forge ahead with the most challenging of tasks, I like to compare it to a domino effect.

As for those challenging tasks…break them down into more manageable parts to ensure success, pinpoint the area/s which seem to present them with the biggest challenge and consider taking a step back and reviewing any basic concepts previously learned before moving on to the more demanding units.

Avoid them sitting at the table for lengthy periods of time to complete homework assignments…after a while they will start to lose focus, become frustrated and tired.  Suggest they take a break to either grab a snack or stretch for a bit.  
Provide them with a work area that is free of any distractions.

“In an effort to master any new skill we must first provide children the time, resources and opportunity to do so whilst offering guidance and support along the way.”



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