I am so thrilled to be a part of The Ultimate Blog Party this year! A place where a bunch of bloggers come together to support each other and bring you the very best PARTY! This is a place where bloggers and blogs can join together to learn, communicate and support one another without a time restriction! Just plain, FUN!!

Bloggers from all over will be partying it up until April 20th online through various niches and platforms. It is incredibly important to me to be part of this wonderful celebration because it certifies the reason I love blogging. Engagement, ideas and FUN are all part of this community, and The Ultimate Blog Party makes all this a reality. 

Excited to meet new people and participate further in this campaign for years to come.

Here's a brief about me: 
I am a mommy to two wonderfully busy boys I like to call 'Cookie' and 'Neigh'., Cookie just turned 5 and is a bundle (to say the least) of energy and intrigue, and little Neigh is 3, when he is alone he is the quietest child alive! --together they make my loving chaos!! Thankfully have my hubby who keeps me calm, cool and collective (most of the time) while he is home, which is never! Hubby works most of the day but we get to snuggle him on his days off and take advantage every time we can. 

I started blogging last year for fun. Little did I know that this would take me to meet and enjoy the company of so many friends online!! When I am not blogging (hardly ever) I am cleaning, cooking, running around and enjoying every second of being a mom. I am the type of parent who loves chaos and uses creativity in everything I do. Most of my friends cannot relate to my type of parenting because it is so 'messy' a mess that I LOVE!

Thank you for your time, I look forward to meeting ever one of you (I will at least try ;))