Me and Meg
Billie WILL dress like a Girl. 

Billie thinks she is a boy. 

I realized the chances of her being a tomboy were quite high, what with two older brothers and all. I have absolutely no issue with that, except for where clothing is concerned. I want her to be a tomboy in girlie clothing, is there such a thing? I was hoping she would want to run around, get dirty, climb trees and wrestle all the while wearing a cute dress with her hair in beautiful pigtails. It would seem, she has a different plan. Last summer I could dress her in anything and she was down with it; it was actually a point of pride as I could hold it against Leigh (who at the time was having trouble getting Stella to cooperate with certain items). 

Now, Stella is walking around in gingham blazers and chinos, while Billie has taken on the more stubborn approach her cousin formely adhered to. I am not giving in. I just purchased her a new spring coat; it's girlie but not over the top. I also grabbed a few rompers in floral fabrics - we will see how she handles those. As I type this she is watching Transformers in her Optimus Prime costume. We went shoe shopping last week and she had the audacity to pick out these bad boys: {INSERT PIC HERE} She knows where I stand on licensed goods: undies and pyjamas only. 

I had to talk her off the ledge when she realized we were leaving the store and her Super Hero Squad Crocs were staying put. On a postive note, she did want to wear a hairband last week; but she also spends the majority of her nights playing mini-sticks with brothers - that's a whole other can of worms. Bottom line, I'm not ready for her to dress like a boy. CHeers, Meg Wismer



06/27/2012 09:54

She is so cute in this outfit:)


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