Jax and I were alone in the car the other day when he exclaimed "mom I just saw a castle up on that hill, it was blue." Knowing the area I knew he was referring to a church. I said to him, "I know what you are talking about, it is actually a church." I paused and then thought "I wonder if he knows what people do at church?"  Obviously I asked him. "Jax what do you think goes on at church?"
 "When people die you go to church for the funeral" he responded. Hmm.

Clearly, Wizz and I do not frequent church. When I was little we attended Sunday school, but from the age of six, I have probably gone to church (for service) maybe a dozen times. Every once in a while our dad would make some proclamation about being a failure as a father for not instilling the importance of attending church, so we would be dragged off. We would attend once and then that would be it for another year or so. That suited me fine. I am not one for organized religion. This also angered my father. How could I make such a statement when I had not read the bible? I was uneducated.

I'm a bit ambivalent about it. Part of me feels like I have a responsibility to take him to church so he can experience it and see what he thinks. At least that way he would know what goes on. I don't need him asking "who died" every time someone says they went to church. What I've realized is I have to open up the religion discussion. I am going to shop around, maybe we will hit temple this weekend and head over to the synagogue next.
With Easter coming I have an opportunity here; our kids think Easter is when the Easter bunny comes and we eat chocolate, that's it. The fact that Jesus rose again (I think, right?) is not even on their radar.  Not sure yet if I care.....



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