Some controversy has risen as a result of this new doll--Children everywhere can now play with a VBAC Baby Doll. VBAC refers to 'Vaginal Birth After Cesarean', and is a new addition to the toy market. It retails at a high price-point of $170.00, and is causing a stir online and among parents and caregivers nation-wide. 

The handcrafted doll has a c-section scar on her lower-belly, and a tiny felt newborn (complete with umbilical cord and placenta) that can be delivered via the doll's hand-stitched vaginal opening. The doll comes with placenta, cord, diaper and receiving blanket. She loves to wear her baby in a rebozo or sling, and she makes sure she bring her diaper bag and her cardigan, poncho or scarf with her to keep her and her baby warm! 

The custom-made line of dolls from MamaMor are "educational tools that demonstrate normal, natural birth, breastfeeding and bonding," according to the Canadian company's web site.

Curious to see, what do you think of this doll?


02/13/2012 11:15

Wow! $170 for a doll is quite pricey. Ultimately, the child will only play with it as a doll. Yes, maybe, he/she will learn about childbirth in the process. But $170...I'm curious to know why it's valued so high.


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