100% non-toxic, chlorine-free, sustainable, and plant-based materials – ensuring your baby is safe and NOT exposed to any harsh or synthetic chemicals (ever!). 

Jessica Alba, mother of 2 and actress known world-wide has now devoted much of her time to the launch of her new company 'The Honest Company.' The name pretty much says it all! Although the company is not currently shipping to Canadian residents, they are definitely looking into it for the future.

This is a collection of completely toxic-free household cleaning goods, diapers and wipes — to help eliminate the hassle of hunting down natural options for every family. 

The Honest Family Essential Bundle ($36) includes yummy skin and hair care products plus laundry detergent and hand soap. And the Honest Diaper Bundle ($80) features a month’s supply of non-toxic, chlorine-free and plant-based diapers.

Check out: www.thehonestcompany.com

Supergoop Swipes- Formulated to calm, soothe, and protect sensitive skin, these soft, pre-moistened, paraben-free, water-resistant wipes deliver powerful SPF 30 UV protection for the face and body.

Sun Guard- An easy-to-use laundry aid that washes UV protection right into clothes. Add one inexpensive package of SunGuard to a load of laundry, and you wash a skin-saving Ultraviolet Protection Factor of UPF 30 into every garment — and protect against damaging rays for up to 20 washings.

Yoomi Bottle- The yoomi self-warming bottle warms baby's feed in just 60 seconds. Perfect for hungry babies at home, out and about or for night-time feeds. Plus you get a perfect temperature everytime AND no batteries required! www.yoomi.com

Boogie Wipesmade with natural saline to dissolve boogies (mucus) caused by the common cold, allergies otherwise booger-filled kid moments. Extra soft, alcohol, phthalate and paraben free!

Lunchskins- Whether you care about our environment, saving money, eating healthy, or looking stylish, LunchSkins are the answer to your plastic baggie blues,