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Fact. Moms have a monopoly on pain when it comes to child birth. There is a medical chart called the Universal Pain Assessment Tool that doctors and nurses use to gauge it. Sure, it’s stupid and useless. But what about dads? Dads deserve something stupid and useless, too!

We consider it our duty to fill the void. We’ve created this helpful chart so that medical professionals and expectant first-time fathers alike can be better informed about what to expect in the delivery room FROM FATHERS. Charlie’s skill as an actor and my craft as a designer, coupled with both of our recent experience as observers of child birth, have come together in this potent Instructional Diagram.

Yes, Charlie and I know we can’t unsee what we have seen. And yeah, we may never look at lasagna the same again, but we know that seeing our wives do what they did and our sonscome into this world is something that cannot be given value. It is priceless.


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