Do your children carry a Lovely? Are they attached to a cute little bear or a blanket? Some kids have these transitional objects for comfort or for bedtime....

Not mine. I guess you would say that I am a lucky parent because often a Lovely is hard to take away from a child. NOPE NOT LUCKY AT ALL! Instead of using a cute bear or a blanket, my children have a real life Lovely....are you ready for this?

When I first had Cookie, he was beyond colicky. After many sleepless nights, rocking, swaying, and pretty much trying everything, he found solace in my hair. Yup, MY HAIR! He would rub it and hold it with such affection that it became the only way to 'soothe' the point of no return. I could never wear my hair up because he would cry, and scream. This was fine and easy to manage, until I realized that as the years went on, he has not let go of his weird obsession. So, here we are 5 years later....and at bedtime I lay next to him and he holds my hair for 5 minutes until he is out like a light. I know a lot of people would say that for a 5 year old he should be sleeping without anything, and on his own, but to tell you the truth 5 minutes of hair holding is a short amount of time to ensure he is asleep and happy.

Now onto Neigh....we thought Cookie's weird Lovely was the worst it could get, until we had Neigh. Its funny, Neigh did not become 'attached' to anything until a few moths ago when he stopped nursing. Yes, I nursed him until he was 2.5, but he just wouldn't get off!! When this happened, he became attached to ....are you chest!! Yup! let the criticism begin! Hair obsession seems little compared to this, doesn't it? I always said that I would be the type of mom that makes herself available to whatever her child needs.....until now. This odd 'boob' obsession has to STOP!! Imagine Neigh being a 5 year old boy who holds his mom's boob to fall asleep? lol
This was on vacation in Cuba. Imagine the space between them is where I lay...

Children are funny, unique characters.....I love that everyday is a new adventure....but BOOBS!!!??? Come'on!

Do your children have a strange transitional object or lovely?