Tomorrow will be the day I let my little boy take a bus.

To most, this is not much of a leap or even a thought....
but to me...
It is the biggest event of my life.

I have managed to let him go to school, though it was hard, by convincing myself that I am 1 block away if he needs me. I have stocked him, made sure I was there 10 minutes early for drop-off and pick up, and I have counted the seconds until the bell rings every evening...just to see his smile.

But this...

Alone in the scary world, on a bus without ME....I can't breathe!
The anxiety and thoughts of 'what if' will not leave me. 

I know he needs to grow, I guess all children do. 
If I had known that motherhood would be this difficult, I surely would not have had two.

Until tomorrow I wait anxiously. 
Counting the seconds, 
and hours...

Until my baby can tell me of all the wonderful things he did on his own...without ME.

Perhaps it will get easier, or in my case, even harder...

But I guess that is what happens, when little people grow.

**To my sons, who are my life, my loves, my entire being. I wish I could stop the clocks and keep you in my arms forever. Have fun on your trip Cookie, I can't wait for you to give me a big hug when you return <3

Hollywood and the Tabloids are going nuts over Mayim Bialik's new book--not because of her success, but rather her 'different' approach to parenting. With a PhD in neuroscience from UCLA, and two kids under her belt. Mayim Bialik tackles a new book on Parenting. This former 'Blossom' star, is an avid contender to 'attachment' parenting and has set out her thoughts through the introduction to 'Beyond the Sling.' She talks about breastfeeding for as long as possible, holding the child for the first year (as much as possible), and nighttime parenting (co-sleeping). She also includes a chapter on “Elimination Communication. Here are some things included in this book:

-Baby Wearing
-Gentle Discipline

For many of you, this may seem extreme. For Mayim, it is working out just fine. She says this way of parenthood is a 'natural, child-led approach not only felt right emotionally, it made sense intellectually and instinctually.'