Milwaukee's new anti-co-sleeping poster that says that co-sleeping is incredibly negligent and deadly. They have even illustrated this with a Butcher knife included!

The babies in the ads are all sleeping on their side and stomach, wearing disposable diapers with numerous sheets placed all around them to suggest that the entire situation is negligent on the parents behalf. The ads are set to put an end to co-sleeping and insult people who chose to do so. Truth is that the number of infant deth rates is much lower in co-sleepers than it is in a regular crib sleeping baby.

Regardless of the way you chose to put your baby to sleep, the truth is that there are a lot of rules to both types of parenting and it is up to the parent to use their personal discretion to make their family happy, don't your think?

This campaign is set to have a lot of hype in the next couple of months. What do you think of it? are you a co-sleeper, are you insulted by this display of advertisement?