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Me and Meg

Meg wants to have a fourth child. I'm all for it. It's good for business, and she can finally shut our mother up who says "I had four with no help". Meg will be able to say that too, and that excites me. Why hasn't Meg done it yet? Well, she wants a bigger house. Fine. Lately though she's been saying that the age gap is going to be too big. Billie's going to be three, Jax is already seven. I looked her at her confused.

 My response: "you're thrity-one, have another baby". Meg's been talking about getting a dog lately, and got a little dewy-eyed over watching Kai play with rabbits? Huh? Now I know she's in real trouble. You get a dog when you're broody or bored. Or you're kids have talked you into it. I told Meg, you need to have a baby. I reminded her she hates dogs. Next thing I know she's going to come home with a pet hamster. 

If you don't know, Meg has a penchant for small critters,click here: http://www.meandmeg.com/blog/2010/8/9/crab-glory.html

 We had a conversation over the weekend, about celebrities and babies. Here's what ensued: 
Me: "Meryl Streep has four kids, I think". 
Meg: "she does, she has had such a great career". 
Me: "I wonder how much of an age gap there is between her kids?" 
Meg: "I am going to google it right now, if there is a big age gap between them,I will have a fourth". 

I must say, I was really impressed with Meg's logic. Does everyone who has such weigthy life-decisions to make use this same tactic? Between Meryl's four kids there is a nine year age gap. This means Meg is having a fourth baby. I am now asking her each morning if she's pregnant. I think she really likes that. Cheers, cheers L.