Having a child who is gifted is often praised, however for those who are interacting and living with these children everyday, this may not be the case. With its stat-uric title also comes a lot of patience, understanding and strength. Parents of gifted children can sometimes be stressed because of the amount of involvement these children often place on the family. 

On a plus, gifted children are often super affectionate, understanding and in tune with the world around them. They are creative, energetic and funny beyond their years. These traits all make them incredibly appealing to both adults and children alike. For me, this is what I love about my gifted child. His ability to live in a constant fairy-tale, mastering every challenge put forth in front of him and learning from everything he encounters. I have made it my mission to teach him from experience, provide him with answers and give him my strength for as long as I can. I am a parent who has a gifted child, that is often tired and stressed but I wouldn't change a second of my life for the world.

Children are most-often always trying to some degree, but for gifted children, this level just gets higher by the day. It is interesting to me to read about the traits that are involved with these individuals because from the outside looking in, they sound so great, and they are....if you know how to go about looking at it objectively. 

I am a proud mom who has a son that possesses all these traits....and until recently, I often felt sorry for myself. Now, looking at the list, I am proud to say that I have a tiny individual who is living his life to the fullest degree. A life, I can only imagine will get better over the years....with a mothers help of-course ;)

According to Mensa a gifted child may display some or many of these behaviours
  • An unusual memory
  • Passing intellectual milestones early
  • Reading early
  • Unusual hobbies or interests or an in-depth knowledge of certain subjects
  • Intolerance of other children
  • An awareness of world events
  • Set themselves impossibly high standards
  • May be a high achiever
  • Prefers to spend time with adults or in solitary pursuits
  • Loves to talk
  • Asks questions all the time
  • Learns easily
  • Developed sense of humour
  • Musical
  • Likes to be in control
  • Makes up additional rules for games
  • Extrovert/introvert