Family, what exactly is a 'Family'? Today, that word can mean so many different things, made up various people and relations to one another. The one thing I know is that a 'family' is not always conventional and it can never be exactly the same as someone else's. So, how do you explain this to children, how do you explain the importance of family and the family unit if it differs from person to person?


It didn't take much for us to introduce our children to the term 'family' because they are surrounded by so many people who genuinely love them. In my opinion, blood does not always make you a family, but a commonality and purpose towards something good makes people bonded for life....and that is family.

I think it is important for a child to know that structures change, people change but the heart is what connects them to a unit known as the family structure. In our home, we have no bearings on religion, culture, race, social status, or sexual preference because quite simply each person who makes up our unit is different in one way or another. Netflix Canada has tremendously aided our children by introducing various family units to them, and making them understand that families are all different but love is always the same.
Check out these adorable titles your whole family can enjoy:
What is your favorite 'Family' themed show?

Disclosure: I am a member of the the Netflix Stream Team and have been given a Netflix membership and a few perks  to help facilitate my posts. As always, all the opinions on are my own.  
Let me start off by saying this is my first 'personal' post. I am finally ready to let my readers into MY world. So sit back, hold on and get ready for the laughs, the tears and all the things I experience on a daily basis! This blog portion of Lil'sugar will be updated every Friday. This is an introduction...

Most people who know me and my family think we are NUTS! I am not afraid to admit it, but we are. We love whole-heartedly, and devote our entire beings to one another. This is sometimes not always the way to go. You see, I am finding that more and more these days people are showing themselves to the world one way, and actually living another--the illusion. When I had my first born, who I call 'Cookie,' I endlessly tried to 'fit in' and keep up with the world around me. In the town where I live people are ALWAYS dressed to perfection, wealthy and appearing to be living the 'dream.' Picture hollywood, only a lot smaller and not as talented. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of good people here and these people are probably nice people....but this is what people see from the outside looking in.

I later realized that with the dependence of family members, nannies and the lack of employment this is an easy task. I decided to SCREW fitting in and START living and doing what I wanted to do with my family. For people that know me they know I am not a completely sane person either. I have beliefs and I hold on to them very strongly. 

A few things to note about me: 
- I get annoyed by the lack of parental involvement with children nowadays 
- I am a paranoid parent in terms of 'letting go' (a.k.a 'bubble mama')
- I am obsessed with children's fashion, food, toys....anything child-related really
- I hate characters on clothing and despise subjecting my children to my own choice movies, t.v shows, characters and opinions.
- I am  a hands-on mama- try to do EVERYTHING possible with and for my children- even if it means sleeping on the floor.
- I believe in letting my children express themselves freely 
- I think rules should be rules and everyone has them

....sounds crazy doesn't it? But, this is an honest look at me.
So who would marry such a crazy woman?
Meet 'J' - he's a laid back, quiet guy who won't admit it, but has always had a crush on me ;) I met him years before we started dating and had immense hatred for him....until one day....well, the rest is history! Here we are 7 years later, bickering constantly (well, mostly I bicker), with 2 kids and a dog....who would have thought? 

The Kidlets:
They look innocent don't they? Like I said, its all an 'illusion,' looks can be deceiving. Although they are CRAZY and keep me sleep-deprived, mis-matched and always on the run, these guys are my life. 'Cookie' is a super-charged ball of energy, inquisitive, and bright beyond his years --we often refer to him as the polish kid in the family (we still can't figure out the blonde hair, blue eye thing). Then there is 'Neigh' a boy who started off quiet, sweet and innocent and is now joining forces with his older brother both intellectually and annoyingly ;) My days and nights are often with them, laughing, dancing, dressing-up, playing barbies (who says boys don't play with barbies?) and baking...something has to keep them occupied right? Since, 'J' is hardly ever home (works a lot) I have devoted my time completely to world for the next 19 years (probably longer).
brotherly love?

So there you have it....we are all a little whacked in our own quirky ways. Over the next few posts you will realize that we are all on different than one another, and maybe, just maybe I am the craziest of all!