Finding a costume for your significant other can be hard, especially if you want a costume to have some sort-of sex appeal! The hunt for the perfect costume is tough, especially when you are a male!! Here are some costumes for men, with the intention to make the females happy this Halloween!

Because every woman wants their man to be sexy on Halloween! 
We have compiled a list of the top 5 costumes for HIM that will make you swoon!

James Dean - Need I say More?
Edward Scissorhands- Dangerous, yet mysterious! Ladies, you are in complete control with this one!
Elvis - One move of the hips would make anyone melt!
Super Hero- Once he flexes those toned arms and those tight abs hes sure to rescue your heart!
Charlie Chaplin - Who wouldn't find a silent man sexy, even if it is just for one day!

Go ahead and be proud, swoon, and have some fun with your man this Halloween!! Trick-or-treat ;)