Look at this face!

Little 'Cookie' is 5 years old, and in SK, he is vibrant, loving and full of knowledge. I for one, take great pride in raising my kiddos with a respect for the world around them and a constant thirst for knowledge. That being said, I have made it my mission to experience and have them experience things at least once. 

Well, this week posed a really big challenge. 

When I said, I wanted them to experience life to its fullest....that means WITH me. I know many of you out there will chose to disagree, but this is what works for us...

so far, so good. 

Cookie's class is going on a trip today. They are going to a place he has never been, and would probably thoroughly enjoy. When the letter came in, I signed it, sent money and volunteered to attend....never anticipating that I would NOT get picked. Well, guess what? I wasn't picked.

Let the agony begin!

Over the past week I contemplated endlessly whether or not he should attend without me. If maybe, I could follow the bus without him knowing and sneak into the place while hiding in the bushes. Guess what? my constant 'what-if's' came into play, and I decided  that he is still too young to go on his own with his class, and he will not really be missing much. Besides the trip is only 3 hours in length...how much can you possibly see? All these tactics to made ME feel better, in actuality they are just ways of soothing my paranoia. The tough part came when I had to tell him the truth. What is it about that mommy-guilt that gets you every time?

I really thought Cookie would hate me for this one, so I tried to make up for it by promising him a 'Fun Friday' date with me and his little brother....(bribery at its best)

Guess what? It didn't even phase him. He was happy enough to stay home. I wonder how long I can pull-off keeping him from going on school outings? Forever? hummm.....

Until the time comes, I am free of guilt and enjoying every second....even if it means he misses out on his class trip.