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Holiday Card Etiquette From the Pros

One Greetings Inc. wants to bring back the tradition of receiving holiday cards in the mailbox.
  Akin to sipping hot cider by the fireplace and crunching through snowy fields to find the perfect tree, holiday cards bring a traditional sentiment to the holidays that can’t be achieved with an email greeting. One Greetings Inc., known for producing frame-worthy greeting cards for every occasion, shares ideas on how you can bring back a little tradition from yesteryear. After all, you can’t string emails across the fireplace. This year, put a little cheer in the mail, while keeping your social graces in mind.

“Holidays are a busy time for everybody,” said Amanda Greville, Founder of One Greetings. “We do our best to make it easy for our customers to send high-quality, personalized greeting cards to friends and family.”

  1. Choose appropriate cards for the recipient.  Keep in mind the receiver’s feelings and religious beliefs. If they don’t celebrate Christmas, or your sense of humour, keep it simple and appropriate.
  2. Don’t forget Uncle Brian. Keep a notebook, or computer document with an updated card list, including names of all family members and those who have sent you cards in the past. That way, you will never forget anyone.
  3. Signed, sealed and delivered… ON TIME.  Prepare to send your cards before the end of November. That way, no matter how busy the post office is, you know your cards will arrive the first week of December, when everybody is getting into the holiday spirit. This frees you up for other tasks that need to get done. And, if you send a card to someone who hasn't sent you one, they have time to reciprocate.
  4. Good old-fashioned longhand says a lot.  There is a reason why email started as a business tool; it doesn’t have that personal touch of your own handwriting. Show you’ve made the time and effort by writing your signature and addressing the envelope. If you have the time, including a personal note is always appreciated.
  5. Order a few extras. How many cards do you need? Consult your list, then add a few extras. You never know what friends you will meet along the way or who will send a card that you may not expect.
  6. Paper or PC? A holiday card is a way of reaching out to those you care about who’ve made an impact on your life this year. An eCard, which takes little effort, just doesn’t share a feeling of traditional winter cheer. Opt for a paper card; discovering a personalized card among the holiday bills is sure to put a smile on someone’s face. You can even order and customize personal cards at
  7. Include your return address. Your recipient may have a list too, including your address ensures that they have your current address every year and they can use it to send a card back to you.?                                             
  8. For work or pleasure. Send holiday cards to business associates at their office, unless you also know them personally. It’s always nice to include a little note, but for business associates, hold off on the family photos. Depending on the business relationship a group photo of your staff is a nice touch.

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One Greetings Inc. is Canada’s premier source for high quality,
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