A while back a few friends an I got together for a play date with our little ones, and of course the topic of genitalia and body parts came up. I was amazed (maybe a bit naive) to hear that my friends refer to their children's body parts by names other than penis or vagina....what? I have to admit, my parents thought it was strange that I started to call my children's genitalia by the proper names too in the beginning. But, naturally they changed and prefer now that I have taught them to recognize their bodies and be comfortable with who they are. 

I really thought that this 'trend' ended with our parents who were too embarrassed to say the real names-- guess not.

Why does this happen in today's day and age, haven't we evolved? 

Hummm....guess not.

On the contrary, my friends thought that calling my children's body parts by their 'proper' names was plain weird and uncomfortable. You know what's weird to me? Calling a penis a 'peanut' and a vagina a 'flower'....and uncomfortable?....don't get me started.....come on people! Is it just me? Can you imagine poor 'Bobby' dating someday, and referring to their penis as a peanut? Now that is uncomfortable and embarrassing don't you think? 

We went on to talking about sexuality and the whole 'where babies come from' talk. I realized I was the minority. I talk to my kids about everything. Even if it means it is embarrassing for me....i spill it. I mean, in my opinion they will learn the truth one day, wont they? Why not start from day one?

What do you call your children's body parts?