Me and Meg

I have no choice but to take-up another cause. My new battle frontier: The Dry Cleaner.  Why? They're trying to shovel kak into my mouth and I won't stand for it any longer.

The blouse vs. the shirt. Scratch that. A woman's shirt vs. a man's shirt. Gender pricing. Sexism at the Cleaners. I don't want to get crazy about the semantics of it all. So let's call it bullshit. Yes, even though I stay at home cleaning in an apron, wearing dresses, sometimes I do wear "blouses" (I hate that word - along with panties).

My husband’s  shirts cost $1.29 to be laundered and pressed. (I charge $4.50 so he's getting a really good deal at the Cleaners). My shirt, which looks the same, (ahem, slightly smaller) costs $5.00.  I was told it's because the "form" the shirts are pressed on is a men's form, and my "blouse" has to be hand pressed.

Really? The manufacturer of the "men's form" hasn't been asked to make one to a fit a woman's shirt? We're going to stand for this? My deodorant costs more, so do my razors among countless other items. Why is that?
Along with wiping capri-pants off the face of the Earth, I'm going to now challenge Dry Cleaners everywhere to make a woman's shirt the same price to clean as a man's.