What little girl doesn't like Barbie? For me, Barbies were a way of escaping reality and dreaming big. When I was little, I was OBSESSED with Barbie and everything she stood for. Aside from the fancy clothes, amazing shoes, and fabulous accessories she was a role-model. Barbie taught me that no matter what, I could be and do anything I want, I could dream big and actually attain my goals if I tried. 

When I had 2 boys, I thought my Barbie-playing days were over. Little did I know, that my boys would love her too!!
My little "Ken" with his Barbie <3
You see, imagination is everything to a child. Barbie exemplifies a world of wonder, excitement, and fairy tale. Even for my boys, they see all the possibilities of creating their own stories and engaging with an actual character they can call their own. Friends, family and even strangers often stereotype the gender roles, but my boys really don't care. To tell you the truth, neither do I. I am thrilled that 2 confident children can role-model and interact through play and imagination. Afterall, Barbie has friends of all races, genders and walks of life, just like we do in real life....could I ask for a better role-model?

My eldest has even become quite the fashion designer as a result of Barbie!! He takes fabric, ribbons and even baby wipes to make the most wonderful collection --imagination at its best. 
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