Are you a gambler I never thought I was....until now. I mean, technically I don't gamble but I do find a lot of things addictive. So I guess that counts as gambling, especially when you are sacrificing time for instant pleasure right? I recently re-activated my Pinterest account. After vowing never to pin again, I gave in and started all over again. Now, I spend much of my time surfing for beautiful and inspirational pictures and PINNING everything!! Since my recent revival, I have not gone one single day without glimpsing at the site. Would you believe that I HAVE to go on and check to see what's new in the land of Pinterest before I settle down for a good nights sleep? ....If this is not gambling then I don't know what is.... Thankfully, this addiction is simply on-line and not in actual reality. Can you imagine what I would be like in a casino? I feel the need to keep up with my pins at every second of the day, trying endlessly to get that 'one perfect pin' while others merely do it for fun...not me....I pin for competition, for the rush of knowing I have the better Idea! lol I'd like to note that I do go to Casino's once and a while, and I am really pretty good at keeping my money situation down pact. Auctions on the other hand....a real-life Pinterest? Whoah! Watch out and hold onto your wallets!! In case you are wondering: you can find and join Pinterest here: AND FIND ME!!
Are you a gambler?