From creative genius Tim Burton (“Alice in Wonderland,” The Nightmare Before Christmas”) comes “Frankenweenie,” a heartwarming tale about a boy and his dog. After unexpectedly losing his beloved dog Sparky, young Victor harnesses the power of science to bring his best friend back to life—with just a few minor adjustments. He tries to hide his home-sewn creation, but when Sparky gets out, Victor’s fellow students, teachers and the entire town all learn that getting a new “leash on life” can be monstrous.

A stop-motion animated film, “Frankenweenie” was filmed in black and white and rendered in 3D, which will elevate the classic style to a whole new experience.
In Tim Burton’s “Frankenweenie” young Victor conducts a science experiment to bring his beloved dog Sparky back to life, only to face unintended, sometimes monstrous, consequences.

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Frankenweenie is in Theatres October 5, 2012!!

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A while back a few friends an I got together for a play date with our little ones, and of course the topic of genitalia and body parts came up. I was amazed (maybe a bit naive) to hear that my friends refer to their children's body parts by names other than penis or vagina....what? I have to admit, my parents thought it was strange that I started to call my children's genitalia by the proper names too in the beginning. But, naturally they changed and prefer now that I have taught them to recognize their bodies and be comfortable with who they are. 

I really thought that this 'trend' ended with our parents who were too embarrassed to say the real names-- guess not.

Why does this happen in today's day and age, haven't we evolved? 

Hummm....guess not.

On the contrary, my friends thought that calling my children's body parts by their 'proper' names was plain weird and uncomfortable. You know what's weird to me? Calling a penis a 'peanut' and a vagina a 'flower'....and uncomfortable?....don't get me started.....come on people! Is it just me? Can you imagine poor 'Bobby' dating someday, and referring to their penis as a peanut? Now that is uncomfortable and embarrassing don't you think? 

We went on to talking about sexuality and the whole 'where babies come from' talk. I realized I was the minority. I talk to my kids about everything. Even if it means it is embarrassing for me....i spill it. I mean, in my opinion they will learn the truth one day, wont they? Why not start from day one?

What do you call your children's body parts?


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Ok seriously, I don't believe there is a single soul on the face of this earth that does not regard their birthday as 'just a number.' I mean, every year your body, mind and overall make-up changes as a whole, so it is impossible that you feel the same way you felt when you were 10, years later at 50....come'on!!

I may seem a little bitter....that's because I will be celebrating my birthday tomorrow...

Don't get me wrong, I love birthdays, and I love getting older, but things just change when you reach that point somewhere over 30!! Aside from the obvious changes like body sagging in the wrong places and the unexpected acne that has returned from the teen years...its just different!  In my mind yes, I agree, I am the same teenager that still squeals every time she sees a photo of Lenny Kravitz--who wouldn't? lol However, with all this time that has passed, I am starting to realize that time is slowly ticking away and so am I....

"After age 30, the brain begins to lose about 50,000 neurons per day - shrinking the brain .25% each year." -

I see my children now, and they are so innocent, so full of life and vitality, and I often wonder where that person is inside of me. Now, as a 'grown-up' there isn't much time for creativity, freedom and SLEEP let alone, jumping (hurts now) and frolicking without thinking twice that something may break. This week, I have been thinking....

With all the horrible changes, great changes happen too! As I near the end of this post, I am reminded that my life so far is perfect, planned exactly the way I envisioned, I am able to enjoy what matters most and have the freedom to do whatever I want. Who could ask for anything more?

Not me.

Well, maybe keeping a few thousand neurons would help the process...but....

This year I am not going to regard my birthday as 'just a number' instead, admire those who do not care to place an age on happiness...I am happy and excited to turn *cough* 32!!

Happy Birthday to me!

I am thrilled to share with you my experience with the Sony Handycam® HDR-PJ260V. As you all know, I was chosen as a Brand Ambassador for Sony and Disney's latest campaign (So exciting! eek!) First thing's first. I am a HUGE fan of Sony Camcorders to begin with. We currently own a HD Camcorder already, and LOVE it. So, when Sony said they were sending over the new and improved model I could't imagine anything better then mine....was I wrong! 

This Camcorder is amazing! It is small, sleek and stylish. It has a user-friendly interface that even those who are not tech savvy will be able to produce a high quality video. My favourite function? The BUILT-IN Projector!! Can you imagine? Instantly watch your already filmed video's with the touch of a button ANYWHERE! My kids especially liked projecting on the ceiling! Kept them busy for hours! The quality of projection is so clear and crisp too! It's like watching a video on HD TV....anywhere!  
Over the past few weeks I have been busy compiling a bunch of videos, here is a snip-it of our Victoria Day. I have not edited any footage (would have preferred to take out the mess in the background ;)) This is a series of a few frames over the course of 3 hours. The HandyCam has this neat feature whereby you can over-write or add music to your video while also adding 'highlights' to your continuous shot. I LOVED THIS!! Makes me look somewhat like a professional photographer (somewhat). I have in no way, edited this video. This is a video I simply recorded and then pressed 'highlight' to output. Trust me, if I would have edited, my basement wouldn't have been a MESS and my son wouldn't be sipping a Tim Horton's smoothie lol....nonetheless I LOVE this feature!
One thing is for sure, when we have to give this camera back, I know it is going to be truly missed!! My kids love putting on shows with with the built-in projection. The Sony HandyCam HDR-PJ260V allows simple usage, quality and versatiliy- great staple to any family memory!! 

Handycam® HDR-PJ260V Key Features:
 -Built-in Projector: Transform your Handycam® camcorder into a mobile movie theatre capable of projecting up to a 100" diagonal image using the projector cleverly built into the LCD panel 
-Low-light: Experience stunning low-light sensitivity with improved image clarity and drastically reduced grain with a back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor. 
-Engineered specifically for compact cameras and camcorders, the Exmor R ----CMOS sensor is designed to let you shoot video in lower lighting conditions with better results 
-Optical SteadyShot™ with Active Mode: compensates for greater degrees of camera shake to deliver smooth video from wide angle to full telephoto in CX250 models and above 
-Wide Angle Lens and zoom: offers a broader perspective to capture everything in the shot 

PLUS it is a recent PTPA WINNER! 

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I am a Sony Canada Ambassador and received a Sony Handycam for review during the course of the campaign.  All opinions are 100% mine, I will be compensated for 3 official posts in addition to other program perks. 

Me and Meg

What does that mean? It means I am doing Crossfit. If you do not know what Crossfit is, I"ll sum it up for you: you go to a industrial building in a part of town you have never been before, where coaches instruct you on how to punish the s-h-i-t out of your body. After a week you are left with arms that will not straighten past ninety degrees and a bladder that is constantly full because you can not make the painful journey down to the toilet seat; which is absolutely lower than it normally is. It is torture. To get a more detailed idea of what Crossfit is, check out this site: Hill Country Crossfit ( 

So why am I doing it? As usual it's Leigh's fault. Let me take you back a few years.... When I was maybe eleven years old, Leigh started working out. I remember her walking down to the clubhouse to workout (at the time we lived on a golf course and there was a little fitness centre). Now, I can not recall if Leigh always had sculpted toned arms or if her ambitious fifteen year old self pumped enough iron to develop them. The point is, her arms are amazing. Around sixteen years old, I started going to the gym with her; I had no choice. What was I going to do, be the chubby younger sister? I dabbled a little in that role, with my McChicken eating and sweatshirt wearing ways. But, ultimately I knew it wasn't the life for me. Off I went to the gym with Leigh and really learned anything I knew about fitness from her. For a solid fifteen years Leigh has been waking me up to go running - when we were younger she would barge into my room and wake me, now she BBMs me until I respond. 

Annoying? Yes. Am I thankful I have a sister who is committed to physical fitness and has dragged me along with her? Double yes. She is my motivation. So, here we are today. For the past three years I have been working out in my dungeon of a basement, hopping over transformers and stepping on blocks - it has been treacherous and unvaried. A year and a half ago Leigh and I started The Tracy Anderson Method, which we have both really enjoyed. However, I am bored. I am so over working out at home, alone, in the damp, darkness of my tiny dungeon. I need a change.I need some interaction. So I have put Tracy on hold and have FINALLY agreed to my husband's suggestion to join Crossfit. And I love it. I love being with people, I love having someone tell me what to do. I love doing workouts that last only fifteen minutes; I love getting my a-s-s kicked. 

Last week we did a five minute workout. Yes it was hard and crazy, but it was only five minutes. Luckily, entering into my third week of training, my T-Rex arms have subsided and the toilet is back to it's normal height. Summer is around the corner, if you are struggling with your fitness regime and are prepared to suffer, I highly recommend you check out your local Crossfit. At least for awhile. Plus, Ryan likes it, and he might be back this way come September for TIFF. This time, I'll be ready.

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Do your children carry a Lovely? Are they attached to a cute little bear or a blanket? Some kids have these transitional objects for comfort or for bedtime....

Not mine. I guess you would say that I am a lucky parent because often a Lovely is hard to take away from a child. NOPE NOT LUCKY AT ALL! Instead of using a cute bear or a blanket, my children have a real life Lovely....are you ready for this?

When I first had Cookie, he was beyond colicky. After many sleepless nights, rocking, swaying, and pretty much trying everything, he found solace in my hair. Yup, MY HAIR! He would rub it and hold it with such affection that it became the only way to 'soothe' the point of no return. I could never wear my hair up because he would cry, and scream. This was fine and easy to manage, until I realized that as the years went on, he has not let go of his weird obsession. So, here we are 5 years later....and at bedtime I lay next to him and he holds my hair for 5 minutes until he is out like a light. I know a lot of people would say that for a 5 year old he should be sleeping without anything, and on his own, but to tell you the truth 5 minutes of hair holding is a short amount of time to ensure he is asleep and happy.

Now onto Neigh....we thought Cookie's weird Lovely was the worst it could get, until we had Neigh. Its funny, Neigh did not become 'attached' to anything until a few moths ago when he stopped nursing. Yes, I nursed him until he was 2.5, but he just wouldn't get off!! When this happened, he became attached to ....are you chest!! Yup! let the criticism begin! Hair obsession seems little compared to this, doesn't it? I always said that I would be the type of mom that makes herself available to whatever her child needs.....until now. This odd 'boob' obsession has to STOP!! Imagine Neigh being a 5 year old boy who holds his mom's boob to fall asleep? lol
This was on vacation in Cuba. Imagine the space between them is where I lay...

Children are funny, unique characters.....I love that everyday is a new adventure....but BOOBS!!!??? Come'on!

Do your children have a strange transitional object or lovely?