Me and Meg 
Dear Husband,

What a week you've had! My oh my. All that working-out has affected your brain I think.  It is that or you're just an all-out testicle.  I want to again (it's no trouble really, I like putting basic, fundamental, logical thoughts on paper for you) remind you that you have three girls. Our oldest daughter, let's call her Malone is four-and-a-half. You have been a father for that long.

Can you imagine my surprise then, as I'm out shopping for organizational items with Meg (the queen of clean) you call and ask, quite rudely I'll add, "what should Freya eat for dinner?" I realize you were at my mother's house and it would have been incredibly awkward to ask her for some food for her granddaughter.  Besides, how are you to even know what she could eat? Again, this is only your third time around, I understand how confusing that must have been for you. 

To clear things up, here is a list of some of her favourites:

Cheerios, goldfish, avo, cucumber, peaches, strawberries, cheese (she really likes this!), pasta (another winner-but you have to boil water, maybe forget this suggestion), yogurt (peel the lid off), toast with peanut butter, broccoli (cooked, again maybe a little advanced), and lastly canned salmon.

I think the next time I go out; I will forget my phone (like you do, that way we can avoid more of these stupid conversations). Also, when you ask me "what are you doing?” I will reply: "golfing".

Whew. I got a lot off my chest this morning.

Always your loving wife,


-Me and Meg

Hey lil-sugar readers.  I don’t know if you remember but when we first met I described to you how the Manny (our younger brother, male nanny) and I were attempting to reboot my sister, Leigh.  She was way off track as a mother and we thought it was our duty to help her get back on the path.  Well, it pains me to say we failed. 

The Manny and I have worked very hard with Leigh, we spent November introducing new concepts to her - like putting dirty diapers in the proper receptacles; wiping down high-chairs before the food hardens to a point that it becomes part of the chair.  These systems appeared easy enough for her to handle.  So over the holiday we tried more complex scenarios.  For instance, we attempted to have Leigh follow her fifteen-month-old when she left a room, to alleviate a lot of the frantic searching that goes on.  That proved too difficult; actually it was impossible for her.  More and more, the Manny and I were met by roadblocks; Leigh just could not conquer and move past some "basic" parenting strategies.  In the end, she has failed her rebooting.  While the Manny and I are disappointed, we are not all that surprised and have washed our hands of her.   

We decided all we can hope for is that the kids make it out okay.  As I type this her one daughter is sitting on a stool banging her head against the wall and another is kicking Leigh on the ground.  I know I speak for the Manny when I say we wish things would have had more of a happy ending - but this is the real world.  If there was standardized testing people had to pass prior to becoming parents, Leigh would have failed and never would have been allowed to reproduce.

Just now my sister (who is thirty-five-years-old) asked me to feel her toes in her new running shoes and tell her if they fit. What am I suppose to do with this? You see why we weren’t expecting much.



Photo: Versace
Kaia Garber,the offspring of Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford is the new face of Versace at the age of only 10yrs old!!

Given, this is probably the perfect choice to front Versace’s junior line, many are knocking the ads as being 'sexual' and pushing the limits. Is 10 yrs old too young to model for such a line, or is it ok, simply because her parents are both in the industry? You decide.

Versace is known for its glamor, and I’m sure Young Versace will follow suit and aim for the young and affluent.  The line will be available at the Versace Young boutique in Milan and in select stores. 

Versace is the latest fashion house to target the 'tween' generation. Following Stella McCartney, Diane von Furstenberg and Lanvin who all announced plans to enter the market in the past year.

100% non-toxic, chlorine-free, sustainable, and plant-based materials – ensuring your baby is safe and NOT exposed to any harsh or synthetic chemicals (ever!). 

Jessica Alba, mother of 2 and actress known world-wide has now devoted much of her time to the launch of her new company 'The Honest Company.' The name pretty much says it all! Although the company is not currently shipping to Canadian residents, they are definitely looking into it for the future.

This is a collection of completely toxic-free household cleaning goods, diapers and wipes — to help eliminate the hassle of hunting down natural options for every family. 

The Honest Family Essential Bundle ($36) includes yummy skin and hair care products plus laundry detergent and hand soap. And the Honest Diaper Bundle ($80) features a month’s supply of non-toxic, chlorine-free and plant-based diapers.

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