Aren't these just the cutest products you have ever seen? The Oogaa Feeding set is every parents dream! I remember the days when I used to pretend to fly the air plane in the air or choo-choo the spoon across the highchair just to get a bite of itty-bitty food in that itty-bitty mouth! Geez! Glad someone thought of products that actually looked like the transportation vehicles we were trying to mimic!!

Not only are these products cute, but they are sanitary, microwave, heat, dishwasher and freezer safe too! Every parents dream!
I really loved that no matter how many times my child threw the plate to the ground, it did not make a huge crazing sound either ;)
Not to mention, the utensils are incredibly soft for those sensitive gums!

oogaa’s silicone feeding products will not support the growth of fungus, mould or bacteria. They are odorless and tasteless, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, heat resistant and freezer safe.

Every time I  take the mealtime set out of my bag people always ask where I got them from! A definite crowd pleaser for young and old alike ;)  Afterall, it's tough being a stylish baby in today's day-and age!!

About silicone:
  • Will not corrode or deteriorate like plastic products
  • Silicone will not support the growth of fungus, mold or bacteria
  • Silicone is odorless and tasteless
  • Silicone is heat resistant, microwave safe & dishwasher safe
Cleaning and care:
  • Safe for dishwasher, microwave, freezer & electric sterilizers
  • Stains may be removed by washing with hot soapy water
  • Dry products with a towel to avoid water-marks
  • Store products in a dry place
  • Do not store the products in direct sunlight
Great News! Oogaa Products can be found at

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Disclaimer: I have received a mealtime-set by Oogaa for review of this post. All opinions are my own.


06/18/2012 17:37

i love that it made of silicone, and well making the flying plane sound would be much easier if there was an actual plane on the fork/spoon lol

06/18/2012 19:00

Love that they are microwave safe :)

Sandra Oyarzun
06/18/2012 19:34

Love that they don't support the growth of bacteria and are dishwasher safe and they actually look like little transportation vehicles (planes!). Very cute :)

Sandra Oyarzun
06/18/2012 19:35

Love that they don't support the growth of bacteria and are dishwasher safe.

06/22/2012 07:42

Love that these are so adorable!

06/22/2012 08:03

I love that the Silicone will not support the growth of fungus, mold or bacteria!!

06/22/2012 09:55

These are super cute! And BPA free, can't beat that!

06/22/2012 23:40

Love that I can it is microwave and dishwasher safe!

06/24/2012 00:29

Love that it is Safe for dishwasher, microwave, freezer & electric sterilizers

06/25/2012 09:40

I like the designs

06/25/2012 09:41

love that it is microwave and BPA safe

karen bondehagen
06/25/2012 09:43

i love the fact that they are soft. for teethers. and love the designs

06/25/2012 09:43

Cute designs, BPA-Free, Microwave & Dishwasher safe and of course the Silicone feature (no bacteria, mold, fungus. Cool products!

06/25/2012 09:49

I love that they are made of silicone!

06/25/2012 09:53

That you can get them really clean -- Safe for dishwasher, microwave, freezer & electric sterilizers.

Thanks for making this open to Canadians.


I love that the Oogaa is made of silicone.

06/25/2012 10:26

I love that it won't break or ship when my son uses it as a frisbee full of food

06/25/2012 10:54

I love the creativity of the utensils, definitely a feature my son would love!

Heather Fox
06/25/2012 10:57

I love that they are fun and easy to hold for little hands! Plus, they are microwave safe!!

06/25/2012 11:34

That they are just so stinkin' cute!!

06/25/2012 11:55

I love the air plane!

06/25/2012 13:12

Love the spoons!


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