Just Fruit and Grains is a new snack by Sunripe! Much like any breakfast cereal bar, the bars are all individually packaged and sold separately or in a box. The difference is that it combines a breakfast cereal bar with a fruit bar for a textured taste.

Initially, my husband and I really enjoyed these bars. It is nice to know that you are getting health and convenience, especially on the go! Hubby is an avid oatmeal eater so that helps with the texture part of it. The kids (3 and 5) were not overly in love with these fruit bars at first, simply because they have a 'gritty' taste. This soon subsided after indulging in a few, and now they LOVE them!

It is a bonus that the bars have a balance of 70% fruit or fruit and veggies and 30% grains and seeds, with nothing else added – no processed or refined sugars, no fillers and no bad stuff.

As a parent this is important, especially when looking for alternatives to a school lunch-time snack. Convenient, affordable and reassuring ;)


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