I knew this backpack was going to be a hit right from the start. I mean, which kid wouldn't love to 
show the world their artwork? A clear outer display frame lets your child showcase his or her latest sketches, drawings and paintings and doubles as a solid stop-and draw work surface. Just slide in your favorite creation of the day to customize the backpack and show off to the world! Genius idea if you ask me! My son jumped at the chance to explore this unique backpack. He now takes it everywhere!!

One thing that struck me as amazing was its durability and organized interior, The backpack is strong enough for a child to use it as a coloring table when needed and the numerous pockets and divisions inside make it easy to transport all of their creative needs. This is a great backpack for preschoolers, over night trips and for toting around. I found it rather small for a child in elementary school, but a rather perfect fit for a younger child or as a case for creative needs. Oh, did I mention it has safety reflectors too!! 

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