Whenever I am planning a party for one of my tots I always stress about the preparation and organization involved in both the entertainment aspect as well as the 'loot' that has to be given away. These to me are the main parts of a party that make it truly memorable.

When I came in contact with Me Myself and Us I had no idea what to expect. Sure, they are kits to make cutesy little edibles BUT who would have thought that they would be EASY and BEAUTIFUL too?

PLUS everything is included in the box. All that is needed are household ingredients such as water, eggs and oil. No big machinery or pans needed here! Inside the box you’ll find the baking mix, baking moulds (larger pkgs), edible paint, icing, and candy to decorate, along with an easy to follow instructions and pictures so that the children can follow along too!

The kits make a perfect activity to keep kids busy at a birthday party, get-together,
play-date or even a theme related event or holiday.Using these as a party gift or 'loot' bag is both fun and inexpensive. The best part is that most of the molds are reusable so that you can make other goodies in them too! Try, rice crispy treats or using them for snacks, the possibilities are endless.

My children were over the moon to try out the Blooming Cupcakes kit, The Pirate Cupcake Party and The Ice Cream Cone Cupcake Kit. Every kid loves to bake, now there is a no-stress way to make baking fun and less messy ;)

My only recommendation is that you bake items with the children and decorate on two separate occasions because the anticipation is too much handle all at once! This company is definitely a favorite!!

All kits can be found at exclusive toy, specialty gift, and food stores across Canada*. They are also HST exempt or contact the site for more info. They also have fundraising opportunities available.
For more information and store locations, visit: www.memyselfandus.ca.



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