As anyone would imagine, there comes a day then every kid says 'im too big to wear a bib.'  Thats the time when Bib Bling has you covered. These trendy necklace-type bib fasteners are perfect for any child who wants to grow up but doesn't want to get their clothing soiled. Immediately after receiving this product my 2 children jumped at the chance to try it. The packaging was beautiful and the necklaces were appealing even to the smallest of audiences.

Using the Bib Bling was easy, no need for instructions and the fasteners were the perfect size for holding even the thickest of towels. You simply remove the 'Bling' from the package, place on neck and attach a towel....instant bib! My only concern was if this was used on a younger audience, the tenancy to chew may cause the beads to become loose. For my 4 year old son however, it was perfect. This was a perfect solution for keeping my children clean wherever we may be. 

The Blings are small enough for diaper bags and come in a variety of colors--personalization is also available. Another great product from a mother of 3!!

Simple, straightforward and functional! A new accessory for any preschooler who hates messes!

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