Would love to introduce you to the latest in function and fashion!! Teethease is fun but useful for mothers, fathers and care-givers alike. Most parents agree, that when you have a little one that is teething it is almost impossible to sooth their gums with a 'commercial' product. In my opinion, children always tend to sway toward adult-like objects that are firmer and more tactile to their small hands than a large, hard to grasp piece of plastic. I also found it impossible to locate the teether in the past because I always had to dig endlessly into my diaper bag or purse! 

Teethease necklaces, bangles and pennants are a fun, functional and fashionable piece of jewellery that is an accessible alternative to digging through a purse or diaper bag. Teethease is made of FDA approved medical grade silicone, free of BPA, PVC, latex, heavy metals, phthalates and meets the highest international safety standards (EN-71).

I currently do not have a child that is teething, so I put this product to the true test with my friends daughter who is anxiously reaching for everything in sight at the moment. I received the pendant style necklace for review in purple, and it was lovely, something I would actually wear! My friends child loved it too!! It was a perfect size for her small hands and the fact that she thought it was mine, made it all more fun (many times they want what they cant have). We also attached this teether to a sling and it was GENIUS!! she still loved it! 

Must be something about its small size, form, and  aesthetics that definitely appeals to little ones! I personally love the idea of a fashionable, safe and fun alternative to the products already on the  market! I will be purchasing these in the future for all my 'hip' mamas to be!!

Check out the selection at   http://teethease.myshopify.com/collections/frontpage 

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