If your kids are craving a fun time, bring Snack Attack! to the table and serve up a fast-paced picture matching, token stacking challenge that will have players of all ages coming back for more! Spin the delightful Snack Attack! Spinner Platter and the Snack Tokens magically appear. The spinning is half the fun – everyone can get in on the fun and the player with the most Snack Tokens wins! 

Snack Attack is the ultimate game for any family with small children. My kids, aged 3 and 5 loved playing this game! They especially liked spinning the wheel! This game teaches visual recognition, matching, memory, fine-motor skills and the lifelong lesson of playing fair!  I especially loved that the game was fast-paced instead of long and boring. 

The best feature for a mother of 2 children, is the token tray. This tray also serves as the place to keep all the pieces when the game is over. Makes this game and its pieces so much easier to find! Innovative, affordable, fun and organized! Just what a family needs! 

Ages:  4 and upPlayers:  2 - 6 Features: 
  • 1 Snack Attack! Spinner Platter
  • 66 Double-Sided Snack Tokens
  • 6 Double-Sided Snack Plates with two levels of play
  • Parent’s Guide