When I was asked to review the Infiniti JX35, I jumped at the chance!! Just look at this Crossover! 

When I first drove the Infiniti JX35, I was surprised to see how smoothly it actually drives....a little too smooth at first. I am used to pressing on the gas to accelerate and breaking often takes a while to come to a complete stop. NOT with this car! Breaking is fast and efficient, and accelerating is soft and smooth! While driving this car for a week, I felt as if the whole 'driving' experience was relaxed instead of my usual frantic driving in my own car. You will fall in love with this cars performance!
With a growing family it is always nice to have the extra manoeuvrability with seating and storage. I always find it difficult to 'pack it all in' in a stationary car where the seats do not move. The customization is definitely a bonus.

The exterior is sleek, beautiful and has an overall 'expensive look to it.' I really loved the overall outer look, especially the chrome accents! I think this car appeals to both males and females equally. The interior was also GORGEOUS! Comfortable, sleek and simple. Initially I was overwhelmed with the dashboard, but the control panel makes it easy to adjust to quickly.

This vehicle is very large, that means it can accommodate 7 passengers comfortably. I love how the back seats can be laid flat for storage.  The one handed easy access in the middle row is also a great perk to this car. I loved how the car-seats can stay in tow while folding the seat forward to allow the back passengers entry. Another great feature for any parent is the extra large storage compartment on the dash board and centre console! Great for 'hiding' things that you don't want your children to get their hands 
on ;) 
Boo :( Too bad I had to give this car up! Don't I look good driving it? lol
2 VERY Happy campers!! They loved the Infiniti JX35!

Okay, I am going to be completely honest when I say....whoah! This Crossover has EVERYTHING!! The safety features are too many to list! Air bags, breaking system and adaptive headlights are all impressive features of the Infiniti JX35! Fully-equipped with anything your heart desires in terms of safety and usability. I especially loved the heated wind shield wipers that are rain sensitive. Another feature that Infiniti has thought of to make driving safer and simple.

My kids did not want to give this car up! They wanted to live in this car forever! Each time we went for a drive (even a long drive) they sat quietly and comfortably. I personally loved the drivers seat adjust-ability. I usually find driving uncomfortable because of the seating...not in this car! Everything has been thought of perfectly. Height, distance to the wheel and even back pressure is all in accommodation in the Infiniti JX35. Did I mention, the seats have climate control in the passenger and drivers side? As well as separate climate settings for the back passengers! LOVE! No more complaining, 'I'm too hot' 'I'm too cold'!!

Just take a look at this GORGEOUS dash board!

I think all the features of the Infiniti JX35 are way above average in terms of comfort, safety and security. They have thought of EVERYTHING in this car! I especially loved the Intelligent Key System because it made being a mother so much easier! When having a toddler in tow and another child to look after, this feature made both my hands free to hold onto my children. I love that I did not have to fumble in my purse to look for my keys upon car entry or exiting. The back up Collision Intervention was also a HUGE bonus! In a car this large, it is not always easy to see things behind you (especially when the car is packed with 7 people). Infinity JX35 has made backing out of a parking spot or driveway a little safer by bringing the car to a complete stop for a second if it detects an object or person within the range if your foot is not on the brake pedal. NOW THAT'S TECHNOLOGY!

Here is some more fantastic news....this AMAZING Crossover is now PTPA Approved!! How's that for a family car?
Discolsure: I was not given compensation for this post. Infinity Canada values my opinion and has given me this car for review for the duration of the week at hand. All opinions are my own.
Baby Monitors are not just for 'babies' anymore...
With the evolution of technology comes, a lot of brilliant uses for it....this is mine.

For the longest time I have been contemplating buying a video baby monitor for my 2 children Not because they are babies, but because they love to play on their own in our finished basement. I often thought of this idea as a dream situation if I had the ability to keep an eye on them at all times, and still could provide them with the space they needed to play. 

When I was approached to review the The Motorola MBP33 Video Baby Monitor I was thrilled, and anxious to put my theory to the test! This monitor has made my life so much easier!

The My ultimate favorite features are the portability and clear image! I used this monitor mainly to keep an eye on my children while at play in the basement, and loved that I could roam the house while still keeping a clear and watchful eye on them at play.

I also really love the 2-way talk feature. Instead of constantly travelling a flight of stairs or yelling every 15 minutes, I am able to communicate and hear them at all times

This monitor is Realiable and easy to use. I have not yet expiereiced a frozen screen or unreliable signal yet from the MBP33 Video Baby Monitor. Not to mention, it is really easy to use right out of the box! The selections and useablity are very similar to a home phone.

Guess what? The Motorola MBP33 Video Baby Monitor has been PTPA Approved!! 

Mr Greek has been a family favourite for many years. 

Can you say...YUMM!?

The clean minimal decor, the service and the FOOD are all a perfect fit for my family of four. With children, it is really hard to find good food choices while enjoying a relaxing dinner out. Mr Greek was accommodating to all our needs. Equipped with highchairs, friendly staff and healthier options for the whole family! 
The menu is organized into categories for every taste, it has customizable options and side dishes to match. When ordering any dish, we were able to say what we wanted of did not want as far as garnishes and toppings--something I really look for in a restaurant because I am such a picky eater. There is something for everyone at this family-friendly restaurant! 

I am thrilled that they have a take-out menu as well, makes the typical Friday night take out meal, somewhat of a treat from the traditional Pizza or Chinese!

Overall my family enjoyed a quiet evening out. The Chicken Souvlaki was a hit with the kids, as well as the spinach and cheese dip. I was happy they even ate at a restaurant, let alone a healthy meal! We give Mr Greek restaurants 2 thumbs up!

Mr. Greek has been given the PTPA seal of approval by parents too!! Check it out!
How would you like a chance to WIN a $50 Gift Card from Mr. Greek Restaurants? 
1 lucky winner in the GTA a $50 gift card for their restaurants, whether dine-in or at one of their express locations.

Contest open to Canada
1 Entry Per IP/Email Address

Kernels popcorn has been a family favourite for many years. Especially on Fridays when the kids and I sit down to watch a movie passed bedtime and indulge in fun snacks and giggles! With so many locations and products that are sold grocery stores, Kernels is hard to resist. 

I was asked to review a location store for Kernels popcorn and I was pleasantly surprised that the store I visited was equally friendly, accessible and clean. The Promenade Mall location was bright and inviting and the staff was happy to assist my every need....not to mention, willing to allow me to 'taste' a bunch of flavors! The kids loved the taste-test and having the ability to pick a flavor all their own. Kernels popcorn has every flavor popcorn imaginable! From sweet, to salty, to spicy! So many flavors to chose from!!

My oldest always picks 'Dill' it is his ultimate favourite flavor! While I really love the candied flavors I always tend to lean towards the 'Canadian Cheddar' as does my littlest muncher. The hubby chooses the spice...he loves anything Jalapeno and was happy to finish the entire bag before leaving the mall.

I personally think that kernels is a great alternative to 'mall snacks' the franchise combines health, taste and a bonding experience for the whole family to enjoy. Sharing a bag of Kernels popcorn is cheaper than most family snacks and can be divided among each family member easily...in my family this is a HUGE bonus! 

Kernels has recently earned the PTPA Seal of approval...a family fave all around!! 

The AUTOSPOUT Contigo Striker is my new FAVOURITE thing! I am usually partial to stainless steel water bottles for the kids, but this one ROCKS!

First off, love the fact that this water bottle holds a whopping 14oz of fluid, unlike many other bottles on the market. This was HUGE for me, since my children are fish and they drink A LOT! The spill-proof valve system eliminates leaks and spills even when spout is in the open position. Children simply sip and release the fluids, this makes them stay in their mouths rather than on their clothing, furniture etc---LOVE! 

The AutoSpout also has one-touch button for easy opening and one-handed drinking...for me this means my child will close the bottle before tossing it in his bag, simply because it is fun. 

A recent PTPA Award Winner and 100% FDA approved, BPA free materials. Top-rack dishwasher safe. Ages 3+.

As a mother, I am always looking for new and innovative products when it comes to sleep. Any mother or parent out there knows how hard it is to get the kiddos to settle at night, along with anxiety and frustrations. The Tranquil Turtle is the solution to anyone's sleep routine--i do say anyone because as an adult I LOVE it!
I don't know what it is about the water that instantly soothes, along with the calming sounds of the Tranquil Turtle, its like heaven on earth! My opinion, is to start your infant with this as part of their bed time routine from the start, then he/she can grow with it right through childhood. The Tranquil Turtle is much more appealing than other sleep aids on the market, as well as its functionality is versatile to suit even an adult! 

I look forward to bedtime now, with the Tranquil Turtle I often find myself asleep in my child's bed!  

For more information: http://cloudb.stores.yahoo.net/index.html

The Tranquil Turtle has WON a PTPA Award Winning Seal recently....told you it was AMAZING!
When I received the Ooma Telo for review, I had no idea what it was or why a person would use this. Since its price-point was pretty high ($229) I thought why not give it a try. The box simply states that it is a free nationwide calling and advanced telephony service. It is digital phone line with calling features just like a regular home-phone, along with calling nation-wide for free! Since it plugs into any broadband Internet connection and existing home telephone, I was eager to try it out and see if it did exactly what it said it did. Initially, I thought this idea was for a basic second line, something I was looking into purchasing anyway. I hurried home to set it up and within minutes (literally 25 mins or so)I had my new Ooma Telo phone line hooked up and working.

The diagrams in the manual show exactly how to set up the box, making it easy even for the not so technical person, like me! Once online, you have an array of options at your fingertips. A new number is easy to find depending on your area, even gave the same area code and first 3 numbers to any phone number in my community. With the Ooma premier service ($9.99/month) you have options such as, having a second-line, 3-way calling, Multi ring, back up phone number, Google voice, advanced voice mail, call privacy options, personalization and my favourite FREE calling between Canada and the US!!

YES, this is possible! I am living proof that this service has all these features and SO many more! I was in disbelief that a service this low in cost could give you so much! The only downside I found was (there is a catch) was that the company only provides you with 5000 minutes of air time per month. I throughly tested this because I thought that 5000 minutes wouldn't be enough for a chatter-box like me lol. Guess what? I did not even come close to using these minutes in my moth trial!! 5000 minutes is actaully a lot when you think about it, it is over 3 hours per day!

Guess what I did next? Since, I LOVED this service and voice reception, I decided to make the Ooma Telo my permanent home line. I have ported over my number (took a short 2 weeks) and I am loving this service even more with my original phone number, no one has noticed the change and I love having all the extra options even though I don't need half of them! I calculated a savings of over $300 a year! I also love that you can bring the Ooma telo box wherever you may be vacationing or visiting so that people can call you even when you are not home without paying long-distance or having to change a thing. As long as you have a broad-band connection, your good to go! This will come in handy when spending our winter vacation at my parents Florida home!

This product is definitely one that I will be recommending to all my friends and family, it does exactly what it says i does and gives you so much more! Worth every penny!
Want to WIN one for yourself? Enter the giveaway in rafflecopter below for your chance to WIN!!


1 (one) Ooma Telo with one year subscription to Premier

Service to be shipped directly to winner.

The winner will be responsible for covering the applicable taxes (approx.. $4 per month).

Open to Canadian Residents as well as U.S.


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When I had my first-born my mother told me to place him on the potty every half an hour to ensure an easy transition from the diaper. Once he conquered the half an hour mark, I increased the increments so that he could hold his bladder longer. This method worked! Within a few short days he was trained. The hard part was getting through those few LONG days with my eyes glued to the clock and the worry of finding a potty! 

Well, thanks to Potty Time the second time around was a BREEZE! Potty Time supports any potty training method by helping children: Listen to their bodies Stop what they are doing and go to the bathroom Celebrate their successes Deal with accidents in a positive way Appreciate their amazing bodies. We are a signing family and this fit us just perfectly! The DVD is fun, educational and interactive. My son loved the music and was so thrilled to start his journey to the thrown! Best of all, the package came with a colorful watch that uses music and blinking lights to remind your child that it’s time to go! I started him off at 30 min intervals then increased to 60, and eventually 90-minute intervals. 

My son loved when the watch sounded, we all danced and made our way to the potty with ease! It took 3 short days to potty train him without having the stress of watching the clock or having to place a screaming child on the potty--instead he wanted to go because he felt 'special' and it was fun! *note* I also used the potty watch on the night-table and set it to 90 minute intervals. This was a perfect stretch for our night-time routine. 1 accident later....and the rest is history!! YAY Potty time! AMAZING PRODUCT FOR ANY FAMILY OF CHILDREN! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! GENIUS IDEA!  

COMPOSER CAT MOZART plush toy, along with CD, and beautifully illustrated book are a refreshing change in today's toy market. I have to admit, when i first received this toy I thought my children would hate it! I was pleasantly surprised when they became engaged in the music and listened attentively to the story. 

This is now a bed-time favorite in our house! My boys cant wait to get into bead and hear the Mozart mystery storybook along with their own personal touch of music while pressing the cat endlessly.

 This is a toy that every parent will enjoy! A nice change from the super high pitched sounds of 'playtime' music that we so often hear toys play and a story that engages even the oldest of readers! Music to mommy's ears!