When I received the Ooma Telo for review, I had no idea what it was or why a person would use this. Since its price-point was pretty high ($229) I thought why not give it a try. The box simply states that it is a free nationwide calling and advanced telephony service. It is digital phone line with calling features just like a regular home-phone, along with calling nation-wide for free! Since it plugs into any broadband Internet connection and existing home telephone, I was eager to try it out and see if it did exactly what it said it did. Initially, I thought this idea was for a basic second line, something I was looking into purchasing anyway. I hurried home to set it up and within minutes (literally 25 mins or so)I had my new Ooma Telo phone line hooked up and working.

The diagrams in the manual show exactly how to set up the box, making it easy even for the not so technical person, like me! Once online, you have an array of options at your fingertips. A new number is easy to find depending on your area, even gave the same area code and first 3 numbers to any phone number in my community. With the Ooma premier service ($9.99/month) you have options such as, having a second-line, 3-way calling, Multi ring, back up phone number, Google voice, advanced voice mail, call privacy options, personalization and my favourite FREE calling between Canada and the US!!

YES, this is possible! I am living proof that this service has all these features and SO many more! I was in disbelief that a service this low in cost could give you so much! The only downside I found was (there is a catch) was that the company only provides you with 5000 minutes of air time per month. I throughly tested this because I thought that 5000 minutes wouldn't be enough for a chatter-box like me lol. Guess what? I did not even come close to using these minutes in my moth trial!! 5000 minutes is actaully a lot when you think about it, it is over 3 hours per day!

Guess what I did next? Since, I LOVED this service and voice reception, I decided to make the Ooma Telo my permanent home line. I have ported over my number (took a short 2 weeks) and I am loving this service even more with my original phone number, no one has noticed the change and I love having all the extra options even though I don't need half of them! I calculated a savings of over $300 a year! I also love that you can bring the Ooma telo box wherever you may be vacationing or visiting so that people can call you even when you are not home without paying long-distance or having to change a thing. As long as you have a broad-band connection, your good to go! This will come in handy when spending our winter vacation at my parents Florida home!

This product is definitely one that I will be recommending to all my friends and family, it does exactly what it says i does and gives you so much more! Worth every penny!
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1 (one) Ooma Telo with one year subscription to Premier

Service to be shipped directly to winner.

The winner will be responsible for covering the applicable taxes (approx.. $4 per month).

Open to Canadian Residents as well as U.S.


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