Ever wish you could just use 1 outlet to post all your thoughts and your pics without having to repost everywhere so that you could connect with people and keep the memories for yourself? Well, With JotJournals its easy! You simply upload your pics to Facebook and when you are ready to make those memories into a book, JotJournals there to help. Simply go to www.myjjotjournal.com for an instant photo book using your own Facebook status updates and photos! JotJournal will get you a 32-page glossy soft-cover 8-inch square book full of your most recent posts and photos. The automatic process needs only 3 minutes to generate a preview of your personalized publication. If you do not want some items, you can delete them. JotJournal will include the new content chosen by you.

I received 3 JotJournals for review and the outcome was fantastic! Its an easy, fun way to get your photos and memories in one spot! The only downfall was that photo captions cannot be edited,but I got around that by simply deleting the ones i didn't like. Also, since the book works backwards (newest feed to oldest) you may have to delete a lot of the pics and updates before you start your next one. You can however, view and secure that your JotJournal will look EXACTY the way it looks on screen when it arrives at your door!

 With our fast-paced lives JotJournals make it so much easier to stay connected while preserving memories! 

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Easy, Fun and Cheap! Each Jot Journal Costs $15. (plus the cost of shipping)