So when I found this product I was intrigued to know exactly what a 'Hanky Book' was...
Well, a Hanky Book is just what it says. Its a book for your boogers!! lol

handmade out of cozy 100% organic interlock cotton fabric. There are 8 pages and a nice cover bound together on an edge, like a book.

Some may say that this is a strange product, but before you judge read this. The Hanky Book is great for the environment, it is convenient, small and easy to clean. Lets face it, sometimes you just don't have a wipe or kleenex to wipe on....id much rather my child wipe on the Hanky book then on their actual sleeve!!

My toddler used fabric markers to illustrate his own story on his Hanky Book and loves to 'blow' on the pages! 

The company is comical, and realistic- just read this:

HankyBooks make an EXCELLENT companion for anyone with children to catch those unexpected spills. Pull out a HankyBook for gentle face, hand, or elbow cleaning wherever you are and you don't need to find a trash can when you're done.

:) Reusable     :) Washer and Dryer Safe     :) Pocket/purse friendly     :) Prevents rednose

:) Super absorbent 100% organic fabric pages       ;) Lose 10lbs of bad Karma!

STEP 1. PINCH OFF. Pinch the pages together to form a bind at a clean location.
STEP 2. BLOW! Sometimes it helps to isolate blowing into one nostril at a time.

STEP 3. FOLD & TUCK.For a quick and effortless return to the pocket.                                                                           (Folding is not needed with a bag or purse)
Great as a gift, especially for new parents and environmentalists.
You can purchase one, or a full package of three!

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