LuxeBox is a new and exciting subscription service that delivers beauty products to you to try in the comfort of your own home.

I am so excited to announce that I have been able to review the LuxeBox by Loose Button for the past 2 months! I have been keeping this little secret from my followers so that I could better understand and confirm that this service actually works and does what it promises.

**Warning** this post may be long!! I REALLY Love this concept and this company!!

My November Luxe Box looked like this:
Each box comes personalized with your name (nice touch) and a card that describes all the wonderful goodies in the box!! In November I received:

Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub 
Lise Watier Couleur Folle Mineral Loose Powder Eyeshadow 
Mereadesso Lip Treats
Benefit Cosmetics B. Right Total Moisture Facial Cream

Oil of Olay Wrinkle Cream

Teaopia Cactus Fig Tea Kit

I love the Loose Button concept of introducing brands in a 'trial' way. I mean, women in general (and some men) are really partial to trying new things when it comes to skin care and make-up. This way, you get something new to try every month! What a treat! 

Then, when you find what is right for you, you can buy it without actually 'over buying' like many of us do. This month, I really fell in love with the Lise Watier Mineral Eyeshadow, and I found the Benefit Cosmetics Facial Cream really light and smooth! Definitely be purchasing these!
My December 'Holiday Edition' Box Was AMAZING! 

In it I received:
Kerastase Elixir Ultime
Velour Upper Lashes
Prada Candy and Infusion D'Iris
DDF Advanced Firming Cream

Belgian Chocolate with Loose Button Logo

This month was especially special because it marked the end of the year for me, and the beginning of 'change' so to speak. Normally I would NEVER consider wearing false lashes, but once again Loose Button has convinced me otherwise with their inclusion of Velour Upper Lashes in the Luxe Box this month! Retail value on these babies is $60-$65 and well worth it if you ask me-they are amazing! PLUS! If you are a subscriber you have pretty much gotten your money's worth right here! 

The other FANTASIC pruduct I now cannot live without is the Prada Candy perfume! OMG!! It is to die for! pretty, sweet and sophisticated :)

Once again, I cannot stress enough how much I love this company. I mean, I used to buy magazines worth half of the value of one of these boxes monthly! Loose button Luxe boxes are a treat for any woman! Imagine going to the mail every month and getting a pretty package just for you with products just for you! Heaven right? 

Ordering a Luxe Box is simple!  If you chose to do so through a subscription, you will receive 3 to 5 "deluxe-sized" samples from participating brands. The deluxe-sized means that the samples are generally bigger than you would receive for free from the store which are only usually good for a few uses.  There are three different pricing packages available. You can chose a yearly subscription (from what I learned is the best value for product and pricing) whereby you recieve a Luxe Box each month for a year at a cost of $120. A reaccuring every 3 month trial subscription is also available for $36. The $12 package is for a month trial package. All packages include FREE shipping!!!

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PLUS!!! Lil'sugar Readers, you can WIN a LuxeBox of your very own by entering our Contest  for 1 of 2 January Loose Button Luxe Boxes!! (Canadian Residences Only)