Addalock is a company dedicated to providing families with security while at home or when travelling. I am especially excited about this review because I am a super paranoid (if you know me this is true) mama of two daring boys, who travels a lot. That being said, their safety has always been a contributing factor to my nerves when travelling. The Addalock portable door lock makes me a lot more comfortable!! I now have my addalock in my luggage ready to go so I never leave home without it!

What is it?The Add-A-Lock is a portable door lock that can be easily installed and removed in seconds on almost any hinged door that opens inwards giving you added privacy once you are locked behind it. Addalock can be installed on the front door or any other doors of your home where you require that additional privacy. The Add-A-Lock is an ideal travel lock that you can use on your hotel/motel or rental unit and ideal for students away at college. The Add-A-Lock is made from chrome plated carbon steel and together with its unique shape makes it adjustable to almost any door thickness. The locks come with their own travel pouches. 
Now I can get a good nights rest knowing my munchkins are not trying to escape! Thank you Addalock!!

This company is on a roll!!! Addalock has recently come out with 2 other products: The Burglabar and the AddAHook two equally useful products. The Burglabar is a self-locking hinge that attaches to any sliding door and is transparent so no one will even notice! I have installed this on my patio doors within seconds, and it is truly amazing! My children can't get out when it is locked and no one will even notice it is there--in case someone 'tries' to come in ;)

As for the Addahook, I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Often when travelling, it is hard to hang items to dry or even find a hook that is strong enough to hold a fair amount of weight. Well, the Addahook does just that! It is a self holding suction cup hook that holds up to 10LBS!! I have now included this in my purse....I know, strange, but being the germaphobe that I am (yup I hate germs too) this comes in handy when using public rest rooms to hold your diaper bag, purse or camera. 

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