What parent wouldn't want their children to learn when they are playing? 

When I was first introduced to ukloo I thought to myself 'what a genius and simple idea' For the past 3 years I have been doing word card treasure hunts in my home with my kids, and they love it. I jumped at the chance to review this product because of the success I had in the past with these types of games. Ukloo makes this simple game so much more fun! I mean, I never imagined to include a chart to assist and specific directions as to where to find the next card in my game, not to mention a 'special treat' at the end of it. This product is genius!

The concept is simple, children are given a card by their parent that has a clue to the next one, and so on--until the end. The amazing part is that every time you play, the clues are different and the skill levels change according to your child's reading level. The chart adds as a bonus to early readers so that they can independently locate the word and continue on in the game without parental assistance. This game is fully customizable from the clues, to the skill level and even the end 'surprise' is the parents choice! 

My 5 year old LOVED this game! he is eager to play it over and over again!

Why Ukloo is great:
- great for kinesthetic learners (also known as tactile or “hands on” learners – often               boys fall in this category).
- offers physical exercise (an alternative to sitting still with a book or computer monitor.)
- builds confidence
- promotes independent learning and play

*invented by a mommy and proudly Canadian*

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