Being a mother to a child who suffers extreme etopic dermatitis (Eczema), I was skeptical to try George's skin cream. Almost 2 weeks later I am relieved to say that THIS CREAM WORKS! Throughout the years I have tried EVERY brand of skin cream for my son and nothing has been able to keep his skin hydrated and clear. We finally gave up and settled on a 3 time a day moisturizing ritual that involved prescription lotion. This was both time consuming and expensive!  

With George's Special Dry Skin Cream and Georges Light Moisturizing Lotion we have been able to cut down our 3 time a day ritual to just ONCE!! The Light Moisturizing Lotion maintains hydration while the Special Dry Skin Cream works as a barrier for the driest parts of the skin---AMAZING!

Since George’s Cream does not contain lanolin, parabens, urea or fragrance I feel confident using it on my young child and happy knowing it is redily available at local stores! You can find George's Cream at you local Loblaws, Pharmasave, and Shoppers Drug Mart stores-- cheap, easy to find and really works!! My kind of product! Oh, did I mention its CANADIAN?! YUP!!

Initially, George’s Special Dry Skin Cream and George’s Light Special Moisturizing Lotion were created to relieve the dry skin problems and a number of chronic skin conditions that are aggravated by the semi-arid climate in Alberta. Since then, users started asking their pharmacies and favorite stores to carry George’s Cream, and as a result it has become a national brand and is recommended by dermatologists, pharmacists, caregivers and physicians across the country, now I know why!

This cream is recommended by dermatologists, pharmacists and physicians. The therapeutic benefits of George's will provide immense relief for those suffering from many different conditions.

Try it! you wont be sorry! This product has become a staple in our home!

Frozen pizza is a must in my house, so when I was given the opportunity to review pizza that is healthier than the regular store-brand I was excited to see if it measured up. It’s great to see a company like Life Choice Foods on the market. A company that cares about health and taste. Life Choices prides itself on using the highest quality Organic ingredients on the market and will never cut corners, ensuring you receive the best quality product on the market.

It only took about 10 minutes in the oven. The crust was softer than most thin crusted pizzas, which i I loved, and so did the kiddos.  Overall the pizza tasted pretty good. It’s at par with other natural frozen pizzas on the market. It didn't taste any different than any other brand on the market, which surprised me because I expected 'organic' to fail the taste test.....I was wrong! it was soooo good!
You can find Life Choices Foods in the natural/healthy sections of your store freezers. Their pizzas retail for $8.99 at Whole Foods, which is the same as all the other organic pizzas (I checked). But I did hear that they are also available at Canadian Superstores for a lot cheaper. I will make sure to look into that as I’m still very curious to try the Chicken fingers and some of their other products. They even have a $1 off printable coupon on their website to save you a bit of cash! check them out, and make the switch to healthy!!


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