As a mother, I am always looking for new and innovative products when it comes to sleep. Any mother or parent out there knows how hard it is to get the kiddos to settle at night, along with anxiety and frustrations. The Tranquil Turtle is the solution to anyone's sleep routine--i do say anyone because as an adult I LOVE it!
I don't know what it is about the water that instantly soothes, along with the calming sounds of the Tranquil Turtle, its like heaven on earth! My opinion, is to start your infant with this as part of their bed time routine from the start, then he/she can grow with it right through childhood. The Tranquil Turtle is much more appealing than other sleep aids on the market, as well as its functionality is versatile to suit even an adult! 

I look forward to bedtime now, with the Tranquil Turtle I often find myself asleep in my child's bed!  

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The Tranquil Turtle has WON a PTPA Award Winning Seal recently....told you it was AMAZING!

Looking at this product, you can't help but laugh. I mean, who would have thought a puppet and a blanket could be friends and actually become a 'niche' in today's toy market?

Low and behold! The 'CuddleUppet' a combination of a blanket and a puppet. These things are genius! My 3 year old is fixated with his blue elephant and will not go anywhere without it. A best friend that is life sized and ooooohhh soooo cuddly!!

Before our CuddleUppet we call, 'Elephante' I had to lay with my little man on the couch, in bed and hear constant whining in the car to and from our destination. NOT ANYMORE! Our CuddleUppet is a friend, a puppet, a costume and even a blankie. A lot of people have stopped to ask where I have gotten this life-sized pet. I have washed it at least 3-4 times and it has still remained as soft as the first day we got it! 

Thank goodness for the CuddleUppet!! We are looking to buy more for friends as gifts!

A unique combination of a Blanket and a Puppet! Patented Designs and incredible soft Cuddly Material makes this line a "must have" for all children! 
Price : $$19.99

Meet Lilikin and his friends Mollycoddle and Eleven. It's a little hard to tell, but they really would love to get to know you. 
I have to admit, i have a sort of obsession when it comes to children's stuffed toys. I have always wanted my children to get attached to a cute cuddly and carry them around just like the kids do in the movies. Sadly, after buying a huge amount of cute lovelies, both my children did not get attached to any toy on the market (trust me I have tried most). Immediately after receiving Lilikin the Melancholy Grey Kitten to review I found his overall character one that I could not resist. 

He measures 18 inches in height with a floppy sadness about him, both my children wanted to interact with him instantly...guess it is the frown that gets em' every time!. His weighted paws and fashion sense make him super posable and 'cool' too!  I also love the fact that Lilikin and friends are designed in Quebec, Canada by the super artistic and creative Kimberley Cleland and use cotton fabrics that are certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS)!
Each character retails for $38 dollars and can be purchased on site at

How would you like to win 1 of these super-cuddly pals for yourself? Lil-sugar is giving one away!! The winner will receive your choice of character!! Enter Below to WIN!!

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I received the product mentioned above free of charge in exchange for a review from lilikin and friends. The opinions expressed are completely my own and may differ from others.