Here it goes! How amazing is this? I have a 'thing' for technology so The Nokia Lumia 710 was a pleasure to review! I am a blackberry user and have been meaning to try out a new phone, specifically a windows phone because of the versatility it offers. Since, I blog A-LOT and love my social media, I really wanted to see if this phone was easier to use specifically within the areas of the social world and staying in contact with an array of networks and people. 

Simply put, this phone did all that! Right out of the box, the interface is simple, straight-forward and clean. Boxes are used for the navigation similar to your windows on a computer so instinctively even my children could use it. The Nokia Lumia 710 features include: •Deeply integrated social networking experience through Windows Phone 7.5 Mango; stay in touch across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter right from the people hub •Best Internet browsing experience with Internet Explorer 9 •Access to thousands of apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace •5 MP camera with auto focus, LED flash, high definition 720p video recording with 30FPS and one-touch image sharing •Access to Microsoft SkyDrive for cloud storage.

I particularly loved the 'people hub' a place where all your friends from ALL your social networks are updated and maintained within one place! Easy to stay in touch, informed and up to date with information across your network of people. The camera and video quality id also great, made gaming and on-the-go photo ops mandatory! The screen display and resolution is remarkable!

This phone simply-stated has all the features of your home computer without the weight and full physical keyboard. It is a great phone for users who need simplicity, while staying connected. All the functions of a high-priced phone with all the convenience of home in the palm of your hand--literally. The Nokia Lumia 710 is available for $49.99 with a three-year contract at select Rogers stores nation-wide. 

Recently, the Nokia Lumia 710 was awarded a seal of approval from PTPA Media!! Way to go!

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I started off telling you about my former experience with Adult Essentials Vitamins in my first post (read here) and my journey to better health. That was a month ago, and here I am a month later taking necessary steps to enjoying more physical activity and better eating habits. Don't get me wrong, I have not lost dramatic weight or become an overnight athlete, but I am feeling better and doing more to stay healthy and active- a big step for me.

Recently, I have made a point of getting outdoors more. I have started to do weekly visits to a local nature reserve where I do a little hiking and long walks with the kids. Surprisingly, this makes me feel so much better and more in tune with the earth around me and my own body. If you would have asked me months ago to do this, I would have laughed at you. Now, I couldn't imagine spending my Saturday anywhere else.  
Look at these faces! Thankfully I am building lasting memories with them as an 'Active' mama!

With this new and improved lifestyle comes so many opportunities to teach my kids the importance of physical well-being and respect for the world around them. My sweetest indulgence now, is not a bag of chips but a few yummy vitamins in the morning and a day filled with sunshine and love! Thank you Adult Essentials!

Don't forget to look for my next update in a month! Same place! Same Yummy Vitamins ;)

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Disclosure: I am participating in the Adult Essentials Blogger Outreach program by ShesConnected. I received a supply of vitamins and compensation in exchange for my participation in this campaign. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Addalock is a company dedicated to providing families with security while at home or when travelling. I am especially excited about this review because I am a super paranoid (if you know me this is true) mama of two daring boys, who travels a lot. That being said, their safety has always been a contributing factor to my nerves when travelling. The Addalock portable door lock makes me a lot more comfortable!! I now have my addalock in my luggage ready to go so I never leave home without it!

What is it?The Add-A-Lock is a portable door lock that can be easily installed and removed in seconds on almost any hinged door that opens inwards giving you added privacy once you are locked behind it. Addalock can be installed on the front door or any other doors of your home where you require that additional privacy. The Add-A-Lock is an ideal travel lock that you can use on your hotel/motel or rental unit and ideal for students away at college. The Add-A-Lock is made from chrome plated carbon steel and together with its unique shape makes it adjustable to almost any door thickness. The locks come with their own travel pouches. 
Now I can get a good nights rest knowing my munchkins are not trying to escape! Thank you Addalock!!

This company is on a roll!!! Addalock has recently come out with 2 other products: The Burglabar and the AddAHook two equally useful products. The Burglabar is a self-locking hinge that attaches to any sliding door and is transparent so no one will even notice! I have installed this on my patio doors within seconds, and it is truly amazing! My children can't get out when it is locked and no one will even notice it is there--in case someone 'tries' to come in ;)

As for the Addahook, I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Often when travelling, it is hard to hang items to dry or even find a hook that is strong enough to hold a fair amount of weight. Well, the Addahook does just that! It is a self holding suction cup hook that holds up to 10LBS!! I have now included this in my purse....I know, strange, but being the germaphobe that I am (yup I hate germs too) this comes in handy when using public rest rooms to hold your diaper bag, purse or camera. 

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Admittedly at first I was a little confused with this product. I loved the funky packaging but wasn't sure why a company would want their 'toe' formula tested for review. Then I realized it is NOT just for toes!!

Developed in In 1970, Royce Garner, a high school science teacher in Boise, Idaho, produced his first batch of ToeJuice®. He made this product as a result of his son's itchy flaky toes. Through a series of tests and experiments he discovered that 'DermaVine' was his solution to making this work!

DermaVine® is the power behind Toe Juice®. Using a blend of plant-based extracts DermaVine® enhances the skin’s natural repairing ability. We won't share the secret recipe, however it containswillow bark, lemon peel, and Cinnamonum extracts.

This review took me a quite a while, simply because I wanted to make sure it worked before I told all of my readers about it. So here is what I discovered: Toe Juice is AMAZING!! Aside from the antiseptic smell, I will definitely be adding this stuff to my medical cabinet and first-aid kit.Here's how it works: You can pretty much use Toe Juice on anything! From chapped skin, to sores, to blemishes, this product has you covered! I waited for the perfect opportunity to use Toe Juice, and within a week 3 things occurred. My son come out with this strange rash on his cheeks (i think from the heat) so after 3 days of using cream, we desperately tried Toe Juice....guess  what happened? Over night his cheeks cleared up!! Still skeptical, I burnt my hand on the iron and I opted to treat it with Toe Juice...once again the sting disappeared! My last attempt to use this product was on none other than feet!! My father has pretty itchy feet because of his work-ethic and he has tried everything to soothe the itch....Toe Juice dramatically helped with the 'itchy sensation' after just 3 days!

Best part is that you can order Toe Juice online at: or find it at a local Rexall, Walmart, Zellars or PharmaPlus Location!
In summary, this is the best product you will get for your 'go-to' household product that soothes, relieves and heals most topical irritants. The name still makes me laugh because the thought of applying something on your face that is named after your feet sounds strange---but it works!!

SIDE NOTE: From the makers of Toe Juice they have also developed an amazing Hand Sanitizer called 'Hog Wash' another must for any outing or simply to use at home. Hog Wash is s an alcohol based hand sanitizer infused with DermaVine®. Unlike common hand
sanitizers Hog Wash® promotes soft healthy skin rather than over drying your hands.

Toe Juice® is available Online and in retail stores throughout the United States and Canada. Complete List here:  

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Tell me, what woman doesn't like perfume?

When I was offered to sample this emerging perfume by Harvey Prince I jumped at the opportunity! When Harvey Prince sent me a fill-sized bottle of their famous Ageless perfume to test, I wondered if I would like it. I mean, perfumes are personal, what I like you may not like right?

Then I read that Ageless will make you feel younger, and at this point in my life I really need this! Initially, I was not thrilled with the scent, but like all things you must get used to them before you judge right? As the day progressed I really liked the Is light, fruity and sweet. I really like this scent for the summer as an everyday perfume, it makes me happy!

Here's the secret: Ageless is inspired by recent studies conducted by the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, which find pink grapefruit and mango to be the olfactory antidote to aging. The fragrant notes disguise the familiar scent of 
age, caused by the breakdown of particular fatty acids in your skin.  

The 100ml 3.4 oz. bottle I was sent to review retails for $98.00  and can be bought at it is a great price point for the feeling of youth, in my opinion!

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