Remember when going to a movie was fun? Before having children, I never really thought about what advantage I had...to actually sit, listen and engage in media that was my own!! Once the kids came around, that experience was GONE, and now thanks to Empire Theatres its BACK!!! 

Empire Theatres definitely thought about new parents and came up with an phenominal idea – the Reel Babies program! A Theater for parents and kids alike!

Twice a month parents can enjoy a new-release movie in a baby-friendly environment! Each theatre is equipped with a change table, bottle warmer, play mat and swing, so you can take care of your little one while you catch the latest (adult) blockbuster and they even keep the lights dimmed and lower the volume so, get this, YOU can enjoy the movie while taking care of your little ones!

Registration is FREE, this means you have a say in which movies are featured and what type of content is offered. A voting message is sent to your inbox whenever new titles are offered, popularity wins which movie will be screened. These movies All movies are shown on the  Playdate page of the Empire site. Playdates usually occur Wednesdays at 1:00 pm....perfect time for napping ;)

Whats more, is that Empire Theaters is offering a promotion this month to bring a friend for FREE!  February is a great time to try this service out! During the month of February, you can buy one admission to EmpireReel Babies and get a second free! What better way to bring your children for a playdate and enjoy some adult fun as well?

For more information, be sure to check out the Empire Theatre Reel Babies site! Locations vary across Canada.

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Disclosure – I am participating in the Empire Reel Babies program by Mom Central Canada on behalf of Empire Theatres. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Would love to introduce you to the latest in function and fashion!! Teethease is fun but useful for mothers, fathers and care-givers alike. Most parents agree, that when you have a little one that is teething it is almost impossible to sooth their gums with a 'commercial' product. In my opinion, children always tend to sway toward adult-like objects that are firmer and more tactile to their small hands than a large, hard to grasp piece of plastic. I also found it impossible to locate the teether in the past because I always had to dig endlessly into my diaper bag or purse! 

Teethease necklaces, bangles and pennants are a fun, functional and fashionable piece of jewellery that is an accessible alternative to digging through a purse or diaper bag. Teethease is made of FDA approved medical grade silicone, free of BPA, PVC, latex, heavy metals, phthalates and meets the highest international safety standards (EN-71).

I currently do not have a child that is teething, so I put this product to the true test with my friends daughter who is anxiously reaching for everything in sight at the moment. I received the pendant style necklace for review in purple, and it was lovely, something I would actually wear! My friends child loved it too!! It was a perfect size for her small hands and the fact that she thought it was mine, made it all more fun (many times they want what they cant have). We also attached this teether to a sling and it was GENIUS!! she still loved it! 

Must be something about its small size, form, and  aesthetics that definitely appeals to little ones! I personally love the idea of a fashionable, safe and fun alternative to the products already on the  market! I will be purchasing these in the future for all my 'hip' mamas to be!!

Check out the selection at   http://teethease.myshopify.com/collections/frontpage 

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The Anxiety-Free Child Program was a program I particularly wanted to test. Being a mother to a very anxious and stressed child, I have always searched for ways to  'connect' with him. This was a perfect opportunity to do so. 

Since starting this program (im not finished) I have already seen my son become a more confident and secure little individual. As well, his sleep has improved and he has become less hyperactive because of the Anxiety-Free Child Program. 

The program offers great tips on what to look for in your child at the present and how to improve on what already exists within their state. I found it very customizable to my individual needs as a parent looking to improve their child's life and lifestyle. I also really loved the fact that the program emphasizes that this is NOT the parents fault- as many people seem to believe. 

The company offers a 60-day money back guarantee---this is because it really works. 

COMPOSER CAT MOZART plush toy, along with CD, and beautifully illustrated book are a refreshing change in today's toy market. I have to admit, when i first received this toy I thought my children would hate it! I was pleasantly surprised when they became engaged in the music and listened attentively to the story. 

This is now a bed-time favorite in our house! My boys cant wait to get into bead and hear the Mozart mystery storybook along with their own personal touch of music while pressing the cat endlessly.

 This is a toy that every parent will enjoy! A nice change from the super high pitched sounds of 'playtime' music that we so often hear toys play and a story that engages even the oldest of readers! Music to mommy's ears!
In our house, like many others it is impossible to stay organized with 2 children. So, through the years I have tried out numerous label companies trying to find the right one. The main reason I have done this is because no matter what, labels get ruined, lost or just plain 'lose their stick.'  Not to mention, many of the times they are boring or childish. It is very hard to find the right balance of aesthetics and durability. Here is where it gets interesting....

Since I am so picky with my labels I was thrilled to try Oliver's Labels!  I have used them before in the past, on school supplies, backpacks, shoes, water bottles and toys. But this time I was really going to put them to the test. I took these labels on our recent trip to Cuba to see if they withstood the trip with my two very messy kiddos!

The Original Labels were used on sippy's, bowls and even sand toys. While we saved the skinny labels for ice-packs, markers and cutlery. The shoe labels were on all water shoes and runners. And lastly, the NO IRON labels were used on jackets and hats--did I mention they require no ironing or sewing since they adhere to the care-tags quite nicely and wash AMAZINGLY!

My overall experience with them has been very positive and I cannot wait to order more (I am a label-oholic lol)! Here's the rundown in case you are interested in learning more about each item: 

The Original Labels
-probably the most versatile of all the label options. They’re big, the text is easy to read, and can be stuck on anything. PLUS they are dishwasher safe! 
Skinny Labels:

-like the Original Labels these are very versatile and can be used on any item that may require a smaller label. These are also dishwasher safe! 
The Shoe Labels
-They were easy to apply and waterproof!  Great for school and in my case for the beach!!
The Stick-eez Clothing Labels -unique in that you don’t have to sew or iron anything. Simply peel and stick one to the tag of a garment, and in seconds your kid’s clothes are
ready to go! Washer and dryer safe, but can be removed if your child outgrows the clothes. 

The starter package starts at $26.95 and can be customized to your family's needs. Oliver's Labels also has labels for allergies and can be customized according to your favorite font or color choices. You also have the choice of placing 'Found-it™' codes on your labels. Found-it works like a lost and found system--Only it is ONLINE!! Love this idea!! This unique
code connects you to your item via your email address, while remaining anonymous.

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 You can find Olivers Labels at any Staples Business Depot or Online at  www.oliverslabels.com