Several milk products manufactured at an Ottawa plant were recalled on Friday. Agropur Division Natrel apologized to their customers after voluntarily withdrawing several products.

"These products don't meet our quality standards, but are unlikely to cause an undesirable health effect,” a release read.
The products recalled are from plant number 1490 in Ottawa and were distributed in Ontario and the Outaouais region.The Sealtest Milk recall includes the following products:

  • Skim 1 litre carton.
  • Skim 4 litre bags.
  • 1% 1 litre carton.
  • 1% 4 litre bags.
  • Homo 1 litre carton.
  • Homo 4 litre bags.
The Macs Milk products being voluntarily recalled include:

  • Skim 2 litre jug.
  • 1% 1 litre jug.
  • 1% 2 litre jug.
  • Homo 2 litre jug.

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