The ANTILOP high chair by IKEA has been recalled!

Over 133,000 have been sold in the United States (more in Canada also). It retailed for $19.99 and the high chair tray was sold separately for $5. It came in red, white, or blue with detachable silver-colored legs.

The recall product numbers are as follows and are printed on the bottom of each seat:

ANTILOP high chair in blue: #701.467.92
ANTILOP high chair in red: #501.467.93
ANTILOP high chair in white: #300.697.24

They were sold in IKEA stores between August 2006 and January 2010 with supplier number 17389.

The Problem: The high chair's restraint buckle can open unexpectedly, which puts your child at risk of falling.

The Injuries: So far, IKEA has heard eight reports worldwide of the buckle popping open, three of which resulted in minor injuries when the child fell out of the high chair.

What to Do: If you have this chair, you'll need to contact IKEA for a replacement. You can call them any time at 1-800-966-4532 or visit their website at www.ikea.com.



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