The Question is, would you live stream your child's birth? I mean, most people do not want to have visitors in the room after birth, let alone have the WHOLE world watch as you are going through the ENTIRE experience!! For one mother, shame is not an issue.

Nancy Salgueiro, a 32 year-old mother of two, wants to set up a video camera in her living room and hook it up to her laptop to live-stream the birth of her third child.

"I feel it's really important for people to see the difference because birth is not what you see on T.V. It can be, but doesn't have to be like that," she said. The Ottawa mother also said her main goal is to promote natural home birth.

With support from her husband (Mike Carreira), she also anticipates her child Taivus to cut the umbilical cord. More than 800 people have already signed up for pre-registration on her website. Sign-ups include people from Japan, New Zeland, Europe and Australia! 

"Im just trying to support her in her passion," said Mike Carreira, "This is a stretch for me,, but I'm going to do it."

Two midwives will assist her, as well as one person to operate the camera.

"It was just a thought that came into my head," said Salgueiro, "I was like, 'I could have this birth live online,' I didnt know anyone had done it before."