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First off, I have to say....How could you NOT know Nutella isn't healthy? I mean, something with all that chocolatey-goodness can not be healthy for you, can it? Come on people!!

The Globe and Mail claims that a California class-action lawsuit that slammed the makers of Nutella for ads suggesting the spread was a healthy food was settled this week in favour of consumers. About $2.5-million (U.S.) will now be divided among folks who file a claim and join the suit, according The Consumerist

This has been news all over the internet, spread across social media and food bloggers everywhere are jumping on this case! The lawsuit is basically to forbid Ferrero from advertising Nutella as “nutritious". It also wants all profits from the sale that were unjustly acquired. --an endless, meaningless battle.

The question remains, is it the companies problem that people cannot see through the advertisements and make their own judgments when buying food for their family, or is it simply wrongful advertisement that causes society to gain weight?

What do you think?

We surfed the net for healthy alternatives to this chocolatey treat...this is what we found! ENJOY! 
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