We usually do not express our personal opinions when it comes to issues on Lil-sugar.ca BUT this is just wrong!

Parents world-wide have been purchasing Lollipops that have been licked by an infected child who has the virus to give to their own child in replacement of the Chicken Pox vaccine. These pops are being shipped out to hopeful parents who want their own children to be exposed to the virus. 

Officials are trying to control the issue by placing bans on the purchase/sales of the pops, but have not yet made it illegal. 
 ”If you are engaged in this type of behavior, you’re not only potentially exposing innocent people to dangerous viruses and illnesses and diseases, you’re also exposing yourself potentially to federal criminal prosecution.” (Associated Press)
Since Chicken Pox is a viral infection there are also numerous risks involved with ingesting the virus -- some fatal.Apparently, parents are organizing 'Chicken Pox Parties' on Facebook to make it a fun event for all. What child would say 'no' to a Lollipop given to them by their parent? Imagine for a second giving your child a lollipop that has been sucked by a complete stranger, let alone a stranger with a deadly virus.